The last week or so around here has been a little crazy.  A few BRIGHT SPOTS have slipped through the cracks, so this post will only be bright spots from this last week.  I’ll catch up on my adventures in a day or so 🙂
     #1… At the Starbucks in Safeway in Churchville, Maryland, Crystal told me about her daughter Danyele.   It was her first year in middle school this year and she has gotten on the honor roll every single quarter!!! 🙂  She goes to Southampton middle school.   Congratulations Danyele… keep up the good work…your mom is so proud of you!!!
     #2… Last week when I went to the dentist Carol, the receptionist, got to hold a baby girl while the mommy had some work done. She only has boys so she never gets the chance to hold little girls and she was loving every second of it!!!
     #3… Not far from Cape May, New Jersey my friend Dena and I went to breakfast at the Maurice River Diner. Vicki was our server and she shared with with us that life is a blessing and is also very fleeting.  She has come to realize this especially due to some past experiences. We’re all the same, she said.  We all bleed red.  There should be no worries about color of skin, size or shape, nationality, lifestyle… none of that matters in the end!  It’s about being kind to each other…that’s all!  For all her friends,  Vicki is lovingly known as the Mohawker or Rooster!   Vicki, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and talking with you!  Please continue to be true to your own best Self!  You have a beautiful attitude and are wise beyond your years!  Thank you again for sharing with me! 🙂  Let me know when you get to New Mexico…she’s calling you!
     #4…  I met Neil at the Red Robin in Paxtonia, Pennsylvania.  He was a server / bartender there with a very positive attitude about serving customers.  Overlook the complaints, etc.  Treat all people with respect and patience! Anyone
can have a bad day and Neil chooses
to look past that, turning any potentially unpleasant interaction into a win-win situation by doing the best he can to make sure his customers get what they want, how they want it, AND with a smile :-)!  What a refreshing POV!
   Neil also shared that he is moving to England in December to be with the love of his life…they met a few years ago when they were both foreign exchange students here and abroad!  Though love has no geographic boundaries…they have chosen to get married and live in England so they can be together always!!!
Congrats to Neil and his beautiful future wife, Amy!!!
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