Last week a few of us went to have dinner at Megan’s (my daughter-in-law) Aunt and Uncle’s house.  Pasta…shells, my fave…meatballs…and salad!  Deee-lish!  While Megan did her Aunt Terry’s hair, Ron (Uncle) asked if anyone wanted to go out on the Gunpowder River for a little ride.  OMG!  I was the first one to raise my hand!  Four of us adults and 2 kids jumped on board and off we went into the setting sun!  It was fabulous.  I learned about the ‘no wake zone’ (gotta go slow enough that you don’t create white caps) and that a knot equal 1.6 mph and that you better have a life jacket for each person in case the water patrol stops you!  Also, a certain ‘level’ of water police can stop you , get into your boat and search everywhere without even asking you…WOW!
It was so much fun seeing areas I’ve seen many times but from the water side AND I got to drive the boat for awhile…yippee!!!

This family went all out….PALM TREES

Hungry crane ready for just the right dinner

Terry and Ron’s neighbors
even created a BEACH

Awesome experience being on the water
at sunset

My favorite part of boat rides!!!

My daughter Rachel
showing me how it’s done!

“OK, Ron, if you can’t look…sit down!”

“Fell better now?”

We arrived back at the pier…
safe, sound and serene!
Thanks, Ron!

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