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American Thanksgiving is a time to be mindful of what we
are grateful for, and ideally, to share this with others! But the truth is, we
can practice gratitude all year long.
You probably already know
that gratitude feels good to experience, but let’s take a look at five
unexpected ways that cultivating an attitude of gratitude can benefit your life
(and the lives of those around you) during this holiday season!
BENEFIT #1: There’s Always Something to Be Grateful For…
and Gratitude Makes You Feel Good!
If you are reading the
words on this page, then you have something to be grateful for.
You are living, breathing
and taking the time to read something that will hopefully inspire you and, by
means of that, doing something good for yourself! This alone is cause enough
for gratitude. And more than likely, there are plenty of other things in your
life to be grateful for too!
For example: right now,
you can be grateful for having a roof over your head, fresh water to drink,
having a job, friends, family, hobbies and so on.
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favorite gratitude
You can also look for
small things in your life to be grateful for, too ‒ because they add up!
Perhaps you can be grateful for the delicious cup of coffee in front of you,
the fact that it’s a sunny day, or that you found a great parking spot just when
you needed one.
The more things you find
to be grateful for, the more joy and positivity you will experience in your
You can even practice
gratitude for things that at first seem unlikely to be grateful for…
For example, no one likes
carrying heavy groceries up the stairs. But what if you shifted your
perspective to one of gratitude for you having the physical ability to walk up
the stairs? Or for the delicious food you are bringing home? How would you feel
You have the power to
decide how you view the world around you.
This week, as we
celebrate American Thanksgiving, I highly encourage you to find something you
can be grateful for multiple times a day, every day, and notice the positive
benefits of gratitude you will enjoy.
BENEFIT #2: Gratitude Can Help You Move Through
Adversity More Quickly and Easily
Practicing gratitude
regularly does not mean you are not acknowledging aspects of
your life that may feel difficult for you. Life can sometimes be challenging!
But know that there’s a power within you that’s far greater than any
circumstance, situation or condition you will ever face!
Financial woes, serious
illness, painful loss –these are all very real and challenging circumstances
you may encounter over the course of your life, or that you may be grappling
with now. And it’s okay, and natural, to feel fear, doubt and worry!
But by turning your
awareness to what you can feel grateful for, even during times of adversity,
you can often pass through difficult times much more easily, and emerge
stronger and happier on the other side.
One of the greatest
benefits of gratitude is using it to learn from your mistakes. You can practice
gratitude for the learning opportunities or mindset changes that result from
challenging situations!
Perhaps you made a
mistake at work or in a personal relationship, for example. Instead of getting
down on yourself, try being grateful for what you have learned and how you have
grown from the experience.
This may be easier said
than done, but gratitude is a mindset we can choose in reaction to
circumstances we can’t necessarily control.
BENEFIT #3: Gratitude Is a Natural Confidence Booster!
Every single one of us
has a negative inner critic. This is just part of the human condition!
However, in each and
every moment, you have the power to shift your awareness toward what you love
about yourself and your life (instead of what you don’t).
When you engage in
negative self-talk, you will find more and more things to criticize yourself
over. If you notice that you’re picking on yourself, one of the ways to pull
yourself out of this is to focus on your strengths and blessings. Remember: You
are the architect of your own experience!
Your preconceived notions
about who you are and what you think you deserve directly impact your ability
to create a life you truly love living. By replacing self-defeating internal
dialogue with thoughts of gratitude, you put yourself on the path to believing
that you are worthy and deserving of manifesting your greatest goals and
And one of the benefits
of gratitude then, is that it can help you increase your self-worth. It’s a
cycle: the more gratitude you express instead of criticism, the more positivity
you will attract into your life, which will increase your self-worth… which
will increase your overall vibration of gratitude!
BENEFIT #4: Gratitude Amplifies Your Abundance
One of the central truths
of the Law of Abundance is that the more you are grateful for what you already
have, the greater abundance you will attract into your life.
It’s easy to focus on
what you don’t have, often believing that this will help
motivate you to gain more of whatever you seek, whether that be financial
abundance, closer and more loving relationships and golden job opportunities.
But the truth is, you can
focus on both what you do have and what you don’t have, which
can help direct your attention toward what you’d love to attract more of.
BENEFIT #5: Gratitude Deepens Your Spiritual Practice
A common misconception
about gratitude is that it simply involves saying please and thank you – that
it means leaving a gracious tip, or sending a thank you note for a nice gift.
Obviously these things are kind gestures that we should not dismiss the importance
But gratitude isn’t just
about being polite or having good manners… it is a deeper,
more profoundly spiritual experience than that.
You and I live in a truly
giving Universe, and gratitude as a real, spiritual practice recognizes this to
be true in all circumstances.
You may tend to say “I am
grateful for” something. For example, “I am grateful for my family.” Or “I am
grateful for my nice house.” And this is wonderful! It’s great to feel and
express gratitude for what we have.
But a more transcendent
way of experiencing gratitude is to practice the mindset of “I am grateful IN.”
This means being grateful right now, right where you are, regardless of what
you do or don’t have or what life looks like for you right now.
benefits of gratitude peace
When practicing
gratitude, try shifting your perspective to feel grateful in any circumstance.
Practice being grateful in times of joy and abundance, as well as in times of
struggle and lack – this is the key to spiritual gratitude that will absolutely
unlock everything the Universe has to bestow upon you!
The Universe grants us what we receive directly in
proportion to our willingness to receive it.
The difference between
successful people living lives of abundance and joy, and those who may feel
stuck or lacking, is that highly successful individuals practice gratitude
regularly and sincerely.
The benefits of gratitude
are countless: greater self-worth, greater abundance, greater freedom, and a
greater connection to Infinite intelligence that runs through all things,
including you and I.
Practicing gratitude,
both for what we already have and for what we desire, is a powerful step to
transforming your dreams into reality, and creating a life you truly love
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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