Yesterday I sorted through my many many CDs!  A few faves survived the cut and will be loaded onto my PC for future download onto an iPod.  There’s no CD player in Van-Go and a girl’s gotta jam on the road!       Also, I took some 8mm film and a few cassettes to be transferred to DVD/CD.  That’s something
I’ve wanted to do for 25 years!!!!  Can’t wait to get them back so my kids can see and hear themselves from when they were little tykes!
   Finally, I found a bike that FOLDS UP!!!  Camping World didn’t have one on display but they’re gonna get one out and I’ll go see how it fits (me and the van) later this week…woo! hoo!
   Today…the final loading and organizing of my new home.  It is amazing how few things you can live with when the priorities are needing to be placed into a small quarters!  This entire process of “letting go” has been far more exhilarating than I can describe!
   Tomorrow…gonna learn how to flush the water system…oh boy!!!

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