WOW!  Three days and counting!!!  So, “No” I haven’t started without you!!  LOL  I took a few days off…well, sorta!
   The water flushing event hasn’t happened yet!  I find myself resisting the process…not quite sure what THAT’S all about.  Nonetheless, I’ll be calling my pals at the place where I bought Van-Go to help me out!
   I have been reworking my route back East.  I learned of the “Tornado Alley”, a group of states where tornadoes occur frequently and often without notice especially this time of year.  Of course, my original route was going to take me right smack through the middle of it!!!   I’ll now head directly north through NM and CO, then east through Nebraska and onto the Great Lakes and across!
   The second adjustment necessary was how I packed Van-Go.  It seemed that there was too much weight in the rear.  So, I carefully, and creatively, I must say, redistributed the cargo.  I visited a weigh station for the first time to get a sense of what I was carrying actually weighed.  Not including me, I’ve managed to put 300 lbs. of necessities into my new home!  Amazing!

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