My plan for sunning at Silver Beach turned into a 3 hour walking tour of the area.  And what a tour!!!  The sites to behold are plentiful, far too many to post, but I photographed a sampling of what downtown St. Joe has to offer.
     Also the day’s Bright Spot was shared by Kim that I met at Helen’s Health Hut.  She and her husband will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and are planning to head north to the “U-P”, the upper peninsula!  They love it there…it’s a nature buff’s paradise.  They’ll take their 4 wheelers and kayaks and will be staying in a private cabin on 30 acres of wilderness!  This is a bit more adventurous than usual for them as there will be no ‘front desk’ to call for…well, anything!!
Congrats to you both and enjoy!  You were delightful and thanks for the ‘carob’ tip!

Just gorgeous!

Awesome shop name!

These 4-5′ replicas
are all around downtown

Friends I shared lunch with at Caffe Tosi
…fabulous soup and salads!

Caffe Tosi on Pleasant St.

What a fun name for a pet supply shop

This is knitted!!!!!

The John E.N. Howard Bandshell

Mother Nature decorating the promenade! 



Whew!  That was close!

Took to the scissors!
No time for fussing with the “do”

Looks like the right trunk reached
out to keep the leaning one from falling…
pretty cool!

Another trinket for the dashboard…
eagle head on a tiny

A great name for a business, my friend!


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