Gia, the house feline discovered my
little laundry basket and has claimed
it as her own when not in use!

After I decided to place her back in
nature realizing there was nothing
I could do to repair the damage that
was somehow done.
I thanked her for sharing her loveliness for however
long she had.

A view of her under-wings from the sidewalk
and the sky that she’ll never fly in again

How I found this beautiful creature…
discovered her by the path I was walking
upside down with her wings tangled and
small delicate body bent but still alive.

Discovered the cause of the need for
a bunch of jump starts and weird activity
occurring in Van-Go…this was the old
isolator…Van-Go now has a brand new one and is sooo happy!!!

These two sillies discovered that Grammy can make really
fun, healthy and yummy desserts!

Judi’s Van-Go Adventure OTR (on the road) has been placed on hold for approximately another 5-6 weeks!!!  Yes, as I’m certain that some of you have noticed…I am still in Maryland.  Due to a few minor health-related issues and a delightful list of unexpected expenses since I arrived on June 5th, my body and budget are requiring a period of recouping losses…LOL
I’ll be working 3 days a week as a “nanny” through August, covering for my daughter-in-law who is having foot surgery next Tuesday.  This is a win-win-win-win situation.  The mom has someone to take care of the kids for at least the first 5 weeks that Megan is recovering.  Megan knows the kids are in good hands while she isn’t with them.  I have the opportunity to make some of the money back that I need to get back on the road.  Also, I’ll be staying at my son’s place those 3 days each week since it is much closer to where I’ll be working, sooooo I’ll be able to hang out with him more!
Once I accepted the fact that sometimes things just don’t go the way you expected (not a new realization actually, just one that I had to re-acclimate myself to…lol))  and adapted, I was then able to see much of the ‘good’ in it all.
“Blessed are those who are flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape.”
***NICE ONE***
Local adventures are sure to continue and be posted every few days…so don’t go away!
 LIFE is still happening and that is always an adventure!

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