To my delight, Megan made a return visit to Florida!  We had a great time…almost a week!!!  The weather was very sporadic and Sanibel
Island was a tad disappointing, but nonetheless, it was a wonderful visit
together!  Enjoy the pics. In between trips to the beach,
a road trip with Van-Go and a craft fair, Megan helped me get all my ‘stuff’
into the van before she left!  I was
scheduled to get back on the road 3 days after she went home.  What a blessing she was!!! 
We both got turtle tattoos
at the craft fair…so cute!

A full rainbow coming right up out of the Gulf

Good morning!

Look at that hairdo!!!

Still swollen…woe is me

Megan-It was shallow, it got deep, it got shallow again!

So peaceful

Critters at the campground at
Sanibel Island

Zoom in…it’s a beaut!

Got beaks???

 A Dolphin sighting

My very first key lime pie…Megan and I
shared a slice

Crane crossing

Awesome reflection

Awesome roots

Awesome view

Crab escape

Awesome palm tree…albino

Awesome sign…lol

Actual working

At the entrance of the
campground at Sanibel

Awww!  Bless her little
heart.  I couldn’t have gone
to the beach without her!

Bathing Gimp Extraordinaire…LOL

Smoothies in Nirvana…Rosie makes the

So creative…recycled sports equipment
made into furniture…love it!

Plants with exposed roots…how fun
I wonder how you water them?

Handcrafted plaster wine set

Also handcrafted…the detail was

NOPE…you don’t need glasses…
This sign is upside down!!!
The morning Megan left, I had my last appointment with the
physical therapist.  While I was there, a
client working on his shoulder overheard me telling TJ about my plans to visit
Alaska next year.
Bright Spot-He
chimed in and he told me about his time in Alaska…he was stationed in Anchorage
where the power lines are intentionally thicker so the enormous number of BALD
EAGLES can hold on better AND so the cables don’t sag!  He told me that Alaska has eagles like we
have pigeons.  Eagle Lake is just one of
the regions where you can see dozens just hanging around.  Google has some awesome shots.  This information solidified my desire to visit
Alaska.  Another secret of Alaska came to
light when Danny explained how surreal the winters are…absolutely
freezing!  Bars are open until 4:00am and
often packed with crazy party people. 
Bonfires back into the woods a few miles is not uncommon.  Sounds like creative problem-solving in order
to stay warm…lol.


Danny served in the Army from 2004-2011.  He traveled to Germany, Bulgaria and Romania
to mention only a few.  Then in 2014 while
he was in Afghanistan, he injured his shoulder when a 100lb. door of an armored
vehicle swung open.  At that time, he was
doing government work as part of a protection team for the U.S. Ambassador. He
is currently rehabilitating his shoulder. 
Danny is hoping to go back to school after he is completely healed and
eventually work as an EMT firefighter. 
Thank you, Danny, from myself and everyone for your service to this
country and may God bless you in your future endeavors.

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