Turtle friends catching a few rays

Foggy sunrise

Marina Village was the first official place where we had a waterfront site and it was on an amazingly beautiful lake…Lake Livingston!  Over the course of the 11 days we were there, I took some great shots of the sights.  I even played with the special effects on my camera phone which I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know I had!!!   Oh, well…I know now!

I have absolutely no idea what this is!
My phone takes random shots sometimes
and I think this is one of them…pretty
awesome though I thought!!!

   The sunrises over the water were fantastic and the wildlife  to milling about was so fun to watch.  One morning, a pair of bald eagles came soaring across the lake, one dipping down to catch a treat, then both perched on a tall leafless tree across the shore in perfect view!  A third eagle actually did a ‘dance’ back and forth across the lake with its wings popping in and out of the sun’s early rays creating somewhat of a light show.  The sunlight on the underside of the eagle’s wings appeared silvery almost…so beautiful!  The squirrels there gave a new meaning to the phrase “Everything is bigger in Texas!”  Those critters were HUGE!!!

Building a fire capable of taking you to another dimension is a gift that Carl has and he shares it lovingly.  A lakeside fire with a glass of wine,s’mores and a moon glow spying in….what a way to spend an evening.  

Waiting, waiting, waiting…..

Better to have caught
and released than
never to
have caught at all!!!
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