The Reunion tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dallas.  Three of the four shafts of poured-in-place concrete house elevators that shoot to the circular floors in 68 seconds.  The exterior of the transporters is made of glass enabling you to watch Dallas fly by while on route!

Dallas’s intricate highway system


We started our adventure on the “GeO-Deck” which provided a 360 degree interior interactive experience of the history and sights of Dallas via touch panels all around the perimeter of the room and the outside deck offered telescopes for distance viewing.  Of course, there was also the 360 degree live view of Dallas right in front of us!

Thanks to Carl, we got a few nighttime
shots of the city…I was chatting away…lol

Night view through the glass with the
reflection of the
changing color wall inside

A significant historical event having occurred on November 22, 1963, JFK’s assassination, was depicted in detail on the interior screens.  The building from which the fated shots were fired is just across the street from the Tower.  Watching the President slump again as the motorcade proceeded down the street in Dealey Plaza stirred emotions even 53 years later.

Our visit to the Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas was very memorable.  A little disappointment we did encounter was quickly forgotten and replaced with a delightful surprise.  Initially we had hoped to check out the revolving restaurant, the Five Sixty, at the very top of the tower, but discovered it was only open on the weekends.  So we decided to get a bite at the Cloud 9 Cafe, but it was closed because of a private party event.  Not having had dinner, Carl and I walked around a bit thinking of what or where to go.  A lovely spirited woman, a Tower Ambassador, approached us inquiring how she might assist us.  Bright Spot –  We immediately forgot our dilemma due to the joyful countenance of Towanda!!!  She asked if we would like her to take our picture by the Tower wall mural and of course we agreed!

One thing led to another and in conversation it was revealed that both she and Carl had been residents of Orange, New Jersey.  In fact her grandmother lived only 2 blocks from the house he lived in in the early 80’s!  Pretty cool!  After that, one thing led to another and our unexpected journey really took off!  (A special thank you to Carl for rounding up a drink and snacks for me while Towanda and I chatted for over an hour!!!)  Towanda shared how she had only been working here about 100 days.  She came to Dallas a little over 20 months ago…her life was beckoning her.  After experiencing the loss of her inheritance due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, Towanda knew that a major shift in her life was about to occur and she was right. Towanda arrived in Dallas virtually homeless.  Being a veteran herself, she was welcomed by a veteran support group that took her under their wing and helped get her back on her feet.  Now she has a lovely quiet apartment and is working on writing a business plan with the guidance of a mentor.  Her interest in becoming a real estate investor/broker comes naturally as her grandfather was also in this line of work.


She already has the goal of making a specific amount of money in the next year that will enable her to purchase an apartment house.  The complex will rent exclusively to special needs adults capable of living on their own and women veterans seeking a place to call home.  Wow, huh?!  This is one truly beautiful human being…one who turned personal tragedy into an opportunity to improve herself and create a dream where she can provide positive opportunities to others.  Towanda, please know how special our meeting was for me. You are an inspiration!!!  May each day be a continued blessing for you and your presence and lighthearted attitude continue to be a gift to those who cross your path!  You go, Girl!!!  Keep in touch!

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  1. This is by far one of the best places to hang with friends, have great drinks (amazing beer selection), eat some great food, including the great lunch I had there. Prices at Chicago venues are very reasonable and the pizza was awesome.

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