Tres Rios Resort is home to the convergence of three rivers, good fishing, great walking paths, beautiful sunrises and a wonderful restaurant!  It is also within driving distance to the Dallas/Fort Worth area…stay tunes for those adventures!

An abandoned bird nest 🙁

Texas’ state flower…the blue bonnet

Along one of the rivers

WOW….isn’t it gorgeous?!
Nothing like an unexpected visit by a
bald eagle!!!

My mini morning fire


Spotted this out of the corner of my eye
one evening getting into the motor home…
a star burst shadow from the solar light!
How cool is this?!

Another river

Another flower that is frequently found
coexisting with the blue bonnets

A cool fire pit on the property

The 3rd river


     Carl and I enjoyed the resort grounds, especially the trails and the restaurant!  Speaking of the restaurant…I stumbled upon a Bright Spot Duo there!

     Bright Spot 1 – James…36…a man of determination and a positive attitude…was our Super Chef.     Fortunately for us, James was hired to prepare meals for the campers just over a month ago enabling us to enjoy his presence and his skills in the kitchen!  James shared that he has been somewhat of a wanderer in the past.  He’d hop on a train and go however far the money he had would take him.  He adopted a fresh outlook after the passing of his wife Michelle.  He realized that life was too short to squander it away.  He worked at the Broadway Chill & Grill in Kansas creating delicious home-style meals until it shut down in December, 2015.  When he relocated to Glen Rose, he applied for the maintenance position here at the resort.  When they discovered he could COOK, he was offered the job as chef instead.  Good call in my opinion!

James, the cook

James’ band

His best friend and current wife, Cassie, seems to be a very important part of his new attitude and dreams for the future.  I asked James to tell me what he would do if time, money, etc. were not an issue at all…if his life were without limits and he said, “Pursue my music.”  Music?  Then he told me about the band, ‘Three Day Hangover’ that he was in when he lived in Kansas.  He absolutely loves music and playing guitar is one of his greatest passions.  For now, though, James is taking a course in certified dietary management (CDM) online and plans to see where that might lead him!  Way to live your life wide open to opportunities, James.  You were a joy to talk with and I wish you all the best in his future adventures!!!

Scott and James

James and Scott

Bright Spot 2 – Scott…welcoming and hospitable with a terrific smile!  Scott owns his own welding company, is married to his high school sweetheart Tasha of 15 years and has four children!  Jacob loves baseball and Jayden who is a fabulous cheerleader are 11 year old twins…Kadence, 5 is ‘big sister extraordinaire’ to the newest member of the family, 4 month old Khloie who is a very happy baby says Dad!  Scott told me that when news that their 4th child was on her way, he decided to take on a second job to cushion the budget a bit!  Karen, the manager of the resort hired him to run the kitchen as well as do maintenance during the winter months.  As Scott shared about his schedule, it reminded me of the days when I, too, was on ‘automatic’!!!  LOL  I wish you fond memories of these hectic days that will keep you company for many years to come!

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  1. I love your article on me and scott. You guys were such a pleasure to meet. I wish you well on you trip and be safe. We meet a lot of people there are the resort. But it's not everyday we meet a Carl and judi. And I am glad to have have the experience. We loved having you.


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