Once you get to the parking lot where the McKinney Falls trail head is and walk along a short woodsy path of bald cypress, sycamores and pecan trees you are faced with a huge expanse of rock!

The Moon???

The surface is similar to what I imagine that the moon would be like…flat-ish with little craters all over the place! Some were shallow and others deep enough to seriously catch you up if you were not paying attention.  Looking out across this space to the left, there are a great many limestone slabs resting on each other, some flatter than others and with varying degrees of space between them.
     As you walk forward a little way, you begin to see the pool of crystal clear water far beneath the cliffs. When you walk to the right a few hundred feet, you begin to hear the falls at the merging of Onion and Williamson Creeks
     For much of the walking trail along the creek, the falls is still visible.  You can also walk ‘around’ the top of the falls’ if you have a steady gait and are a good jumper!  There is a gravel peninsula that juts out into the pool that is easily accessible.  It is a great way to get a little closer to the cascade and its glorious song.

Great roots

Looks like a bow on it



     Due to the time of year, the visitor count was minimal; less than a dozen during the hour I was there.  I love those times.   It is exciting for me to see people enjoying the beauty of nature on a warm clear day, but it is equally as delightful to be alone with my thoughts.  It was quiet enough for me to be inspired to write a little poem describing what I was witnessing.
                                 Banging and bumping without any bruises
                                 Riding for miles along the rocky floor
                                 Faster and faster the liquid glass cruises
                                 Over the cliff as it found an open door

Free fallin’
A kind of cave

From the top of the falls

Awesome limestone formations

Down the hiking trail beyond the waterfall

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