Have you acquired a 2014 calendar yet?  Beware!  LOL
   All my life, I’ve worked with calendars that began with Sunday and ended with Saturday!  I was sure that all calendars were set up that way.  WELL…I have recently learned that only monthly calendars are set up that way!  Weekly calendars begin with Monday and end on Sunday!  Hence, the expression…weekend! This discovery caused a bit of a shake-up to my visual system. 
   To make matters worse, I bought a blank calendar with great over sized boxes that were going to be perfect to jot down travel notes.  Given that ‘plus’, I was more than willing to write in the dates myself…until I realized there were only 4 boxes on a page spread!!!   Two on the left and two on the right!  WOW!  Now, even the comforting fact that a week had 7 days was being threatened.  As you can imagine, I was devastated!  Actually, I was hysterical…laughing at myself!
   I had no idea how “stuck” I was in my belief about calendar format.  My eyes, on the weekly calendar, were automatically drawn to the first column when I thought of Sunday, and the 3rd when I thought of Tuesday.  How crazy is that?  It almost made me irritable!  And 4 days on a page…that was way ‘outside the box’ for me!
   What a surprise it was to me to find that “rigidity” was lurking about in my subconscious somewhere just waiting for a chance to rear its ugly head!  Me, who prides myself in being flexible and getting excited over change and newness!
Time for a reality check, no doubt…LOL  No room for rigid thinking on the road!  Got to be willing to NOT KNOW sometimes…after all, isn’t that what makes life so…unpredictably wonderful?!  YES!!! 
So, be open to not knowing something you know…it could be fun!

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