Sooo, has anyone ever heard that expression?!  Well, I’m banking on it…LOL 

     After being in my current apartment for 4 months, I am transferring to yet another one…YIKES!  THIS move, despite the extra fees for moving within a 6 month period, is going to be a spectacular one!!!  You see, when I was here in ABQ in April, the model I saw was a second floor top unit with vaulted ceilings and a decent view.  Somehow I planted that vision deep in my heart and mind somewhere.
     My third floor unit was nothing even close and as you know I ended up needing to move to a first floor unit because of my hip.  It was a great move in that it made my physical therapy results beneficial and now I am doing fabulous in that area!
     The move was less than great for several reasons: located at the back of the complex, facing other apartments that were 3 stories high, minimal light, view included a little courtyard (better than a wall).  All of these things were doable, though not preferred.  The one aspect of living in this apartment that was a real challenge for me was the over-the-top noise from the tenant above me!  Crashing, banging and stomping all hours of the day and night!  It turned out that it was a woman with two little ones and one on the way.  After many attempts on the part of the office management to ask they make an effort to be less noisy, there was no improvement.  I decided at that point, maybe a month in, that I would recognize the woman’s position, feel some compassion, and when I heard all the disruptive noises to think of them as signs of new life and ignore as much as possible.  I also left the apartment  at peak noise times on some days!
      During the first month, I also took walks around the complex looking for an apartment that I would LOVE to be living in!  One with all the features that I really wanted…2nd floor top, front of complex, view of the mountain!  I discovered 3, one of them being my all time favorite!  One day a couple weeks ago, I decided to go to the office and just have them put those ‘preferred’ units in my file for whenever!!!  When the woman told me that my favorite one would be available in 45 days, I got goosebumps!  Then when she said it had vaulted ceilings, well….!!!  I knew right then and there that this was a gift!  After much discussion with the manager, my transfer was approved!  I WILL BE MOVING INTO MY BEST APARTMENT IN JUST 22 DAYS….the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  Could the timing be any more perfect given the immense gratitude I am feeling?!
Do I have to pack everything back up?  YES
Did I have to schedule movers and a truck again? YES
Did I have to pay a transfer fee?  YES
Will I need to pay a transfer fee with the utilities company again?  Probably
Will I need to notify a bunch of people and places of my new apartment number?  YES
Is any of that a problem?   NO  NO  NO
I have friends that have volunteered to help with the packing…we’ll make it a party!

***In my new place, I have a delightful view of the mountain where I can see the sunrise!
      The wonderful light will enable me to have plants that require the light!
      I will be free of  the overhead noise being on the top level!
      I will get just the right amount of exercise going up one flight of stairs!
      I will have a more spacious feel with the vaulted ceilings!
      I will be closer to the mailboxes, pool, gym, etc!
I am truly blessed to have had my favorite apartment with an open view of the sky become available just before the winter months when light is a bit scarce anyway…providing me with beautiful natural light for several hours every single day!!!  I am so grateful!

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