Thanksgiving Can be Anywhere at Anytime

     First, let me wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day!  May each of you be filled with peace, love, laughter and heartfelt appreciation for every moment that makes up your life!  Say thank you to someone today!      I experienced an evening of thanksgiving two days ago.  I was invited to a friend’s home for a wonderful dinner and to meet her brother and his wife.  They began their full time RV adventure in January.  They shared some experiences and offered many great suggestions that are likely to make my own experience more pleasant and cost effective!!!      I am, of course, veryRead More

The Pre-adventure Adventure

     Little did I realize that when I decided to embark upon the adventure of living a completely new lifestyle, that preparing for it was going to be an amazing adventure in itself!  And let me say this: It’s a good thing I like LISTS!!!      A few of my current list headings are:  WHAT TO DO – WHAT TO LEARN – WHAT TO TAKE – WHAT TO STORE – WHAT TO SELL – WHAT TO GIVE AWAY – WHAT TO BUY – and my favorite, WHERE TO GO!  Intermittent indulgence researching the latter keeps me sane while chipping awayRead More

Look out USA…here I come!

WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG PAGE!!!  There’s a new adventure beginning for me.  I decided that it is time to check something off my bucket list…I’m going on the road in early spring!  YEP!  Selling all my ‘stuff’, buying an RV and going exploring across this amazing country!  Once I realized that it was entirely feasible to finally manifest my dream, I began to look into information that might be helpful to me.  WOW…with each thing I come up with…comes 5 more things!  How exciting… Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting the wild and wonderful preparations that promise to makeRead More