ID – Last State Before the Canadian Border

  Between UT and ID is where I took about 300 pics that were lost when I got my new phone…serious bummer!  However, I had sent a few to my kids via text and they were kind enough to send them back, sooooo here they are!!! Me standing in the GreatSalt Lake and itis VERY SALTY. An overlook at Twin Falls, UT These pics do not even come closeto how incredibly gorgeous this place is! Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls, ID    Bright Spot – Carl and I spent a few days visiting his old friend Billy.  They’ve known eachRead More

ALASKA – We Made It!!!

  We are here!!!!!  We got into Wasilla late Saturday afternoon.  Except for the sign at the entrance to the museum, I haven’t taken many pics yet…we have been decompressing from the 7 straight days of arduous travel though the mountains of Canada.  Nontheless, here we are…in ALASKA!    Sherry and Lonny, the museum curators, have been terrific.  We got the grand tour of the facility and grounds, met the museum dog Juneau, and were given 4 days off to get acclimated.  We also met the other couple volunteering with us…Julie and Wally.   At the moment, it feels goodRead More

Canada – ALERT: Pause in Posting

Hello Everyone! Due to a long laundry list of technical issues over the past 6 days that can’t be remedied until I get into Alaska on the 23rd which is 7 more days…I will not be posting. Lost 300 pictures (from Salt Lake City, Utah to the northern Idaho) in a swap from my old phone to a new phone, then discovered the new phone is a ‘factory reject’ for lack of a better term that won’t recognize any of the pictures I have taken while in Canada…making it impossible for me to upload them onto the computer…OMG…!!! That coupledRead More

UT – Mount Zion National Park

  Mount Zion NP was spectacular and huge!  In the visitor center, we barely heard what was being said to us because our focus was drawn to the rock formations…’on steroids’!!!  LOL  There are several trails and we hiked 4 of them…all of which gave us the Mt Zion experience from a different vantage point.  There are also ‘sections’ of the park that you need to drive to to hike certain trails.  After the main areas, we ventured to one of them named Kolob Canyons.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit this park…do not hesitate as to whetherRead More

AZ (Flagstaff) to UT (Hurricane)…OTR Beauty

   The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Glen Canyon…now we’re talkin’!  What a blessing to see these amazing creations of nature…and on the road while traveling for 4 hours to our next destination…well, it should have only taken 4…but ended up being 6 because we kept stopping and saying  AAAAAHHHHH!!! There’s some rain comin’…can you see it? This was the model for a customhome builder. I love waiting to see the next viewas we go around the corner!!! Reminds me of Mt. Rushmore without the faces…lol Oh, yeah!!! We’ve been seeing more water as we drivefurther north. This was soRead More

AZ – Benson – Geo-cache #10 – Carl’s Son and Family

  Carl and I have been Geo caching for a couple months now!  Geo caching is a national treasure hunt where participants attempt to locate a hidden item via coordinates.  Once you arrive at the basic area, your phone lets you know how many feet away you are from the ‘thing’ and which direction you need to go to discover it.  Occasionally there is a clue.  This is our 10th find….it was one of the coolest too!  We have found containers tucked into tree trunks,  in guardrails on major roads, hanging from trees and so on.  Oftentimes we have toRead More

AZ – Bisbee – Copper Mine and The Great Stair Climb

  View on the way to Bisbee Bisbee Local paper Our last stop in Arizona was Bisbee.  The town was founded as a copper, gold and silver mining town back in 1880.  Mining in the Mule Mountains became very popular in the early 1900’s and people swarmed to the area.  There were mining changes over the next 60 or so years and the industry all but ceased and the population dropped drastically.  In the 1960’s because of its amazing scenery and desirable climate, artists and ‘hippies’ flocked to Bisbee. Awesome post office bldg  One of many wall murals Hand craftedRead More

AZ – Town of Tombstone and The Big Nose Kate Saloon

   When we were looking for a parking place, I could hardly believe what I was seeing…a long fairly empty street with a dozen gunslingers and a stagecoach just hanging around…LOL!!!  It was great! We walked up and down the street stopping in the old shops trying on cowboy hats and checking out the leather holsters at over $100 a pop.  We got a tip from a local that ‘Big Nose Kate’s’ was the place to eat, so off we went.  We weren’t really all that hungry, but we ordered their Nacho Supreme…pretty yummy.  The guy singing and playing theRead More

AZ – Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone

 It was cool yet kinda eerie standing among the graves of outlaws and their victims, suicides, hangings legal and otherwise as well as the town’s first pioneers of those early days of Tombstone, AZ.  I found out that this burial plot was originally intended for upstanding citizens and was called ‘The Tombstone Cemetery’ then due to all the violent deaths, it came to be known as ‘Boothill.’   There are about 250 graves.  Most of them had a name, the year and cause of death…some simply read “Unknown.”  A few were particularly noteworthy because of the description given by relatives,Read More

AZ – 24 Hours of Awesomeness – Part 3 of 3 – Gammon’s Gulch in Benson

    So the morning after the B&B, totally refreshed, we drove to Gammon’s Gulch…”A Living Museum…Authentic and Haunting.”  Jay Gammon, owner and resident of this old western town/movie set, greeted us as we arrived and took us on a personal tour of this eerie awesome place! Neat piece of movie set trivia…this stands as a church in this pic…when they need a school, the cross folds down. The Saloon  The whole experience was like being in a time warp…The saloon had pictures of movie stars that spent time there during the making of a movie…a honky-tonk piano that JayRead More