Thanksgiving – Not Just One Day…Not Just One Way

Thank you, Mary Morrissey for sharing this with us… ***I am sorry the beautiful pictures did not show up.  I will attempt to attach the link at the end…maybe they will show up from there! Happy Thanksgiving! Here are 5 Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude to Make Your Holiday Season Brighter NOVEMBER 23, 2017 American Thanksgiving is a time to be mindful of what we are grateful for, and ideally, to share this with others! But the truth is, we can practice gratitude all year long. You probably already know that gratitude feels good to experience, but let’s take a look atRead More

ABQ – 2017 – Balloon Fiesta

Woohoo!!!  The balloons are back!  Or should I say, WERE back!  Balloon Fiesta was a few weeks ago and it was just as amazing as I remember it from 4 years ago!  Yes, I still felt like a kid when I got onto the field.  How could anyone not?!  Christopher went with me this year and we stayed from 7:00am to 9:00pm!  We watched the mass ascension, chainsaw carvers, and the Music Fiesta included Billy Currington!  It ended up being too windy for the ‘Night Glow”, but several pilots did blast the flames for the crowd!  It was still prettyRead More

ABQ 2017 – WOW! “The Third Time’s a Charm”

Sooo, has anyone ever heard that expression?!  Well, I’m banking on it…LOL       After being in my current apartment for 4 months, I am transferring to yet another one…YIKES!  THIS move, despite the extra fees for moving within a 6 month period, is going to be a spectacular one!!!  You see, when I was here in ABQ in April, the model I saw was a second floor top unit with vaulted ceilings and a decent view.  Somehow I planted that vision deep in my heart and mind somewhere.      My third floor unit was nothing even close andRead More