NC – Carrollwood Campground at Grapefull Sisters Vineyard & A Very BRIGHT SPOT

  As I mentioned in my last post, we arrived in NC safely and the campground we had reservations for was very rustic and sweet.  It was privately owned by 2 sisters whose family has been on the property since the mid 1800’s. We survived doing a puzzle together…GO, US…LOL Now, THAT’S relaxingby the fire!!! LOL It was a gorgeous fire…go, Carl It was a full moon on the 26th!   Their vineyard consists solely of muscadine grapes.  They are native to southeastern US and are said to be the first grape to be cultivated in North America.  The naturalRead More

MD – My Birthday – Family, Friends, Food and Fun

   Even though I was in MD in October for Matthew and Adam’s wedding, it was wonderful to be back again in January.  I was there for my 61st birthday, too!  What a fabulous party!  Thank you my sweet children for all your love, your time and yummy food and to Rachel and Megan for opening your home to us. My teeny tiny sundae…there’s always room for ice cream!    Aside from Carl meeting the kids, etc., I wanted to show him around a little while we were in town. We hit Fenwick Bakery and had breakfast with my sisterRead More

NC – The Union Station Museum…circa 1900 +

   Before I get into the story of this quaint museum, I’d love to share a little about the place we stayed…the Sycamore Lodge!  It was fabulous.  The lodge was huge and there were rooms to accommodate many needs…a cozy yet spacious living room for watching TV, a rustic dining area with over-sized picnic-type tables and benches, a library for quiet time, an enclosed porch with tables for playing games or doing puzzles, a piano, and last but certainly not least a very roomy bathroom with an old-fashioned claw-foot tub and a double shower!  I got to take a bubbleRead More

SC – 90 Minute Super Visit

  On the way into Greenville, SC      When calculating our mileage from GA to NC, it came to our attention that it was going to be a bit of a stretch to make the trip in one day.  So, of course, I immediately began to search for a midway point (with something fun to see…lol)  Lo and behold….a waterfalls…yippee!  We added another hour to our drive, but since we were splitting it up by staying one night on South Carolina…it was a moot point!      The picture of the falls looked wonderful, but I’ve learned to beRead More

GA – Happy New Year – Unadilla

  Cotton fields galore On the road to  Unadilla, GA Cotton was everywhere…evenblowing across the streets A teeny tiny Walmart with a teeny tinygas station…sooooo cute!!!       What a sweet surprise we found at the Southern Trails RV Resort!  There were a number of delightful seniors (‘regulars’ this time of year here) that welcomed us warmly when we got to the community room for Wifi. They referred to us as the ‘teenagers.’  We shared several meals with them over New Year’s.  First was the New Year’s Eve party with snacks and balloons.  The balloons dropped and Auld LangRead More

FL – New Friends…Hitching Post Corral and Campground

John and Vonda Vonda is doing some reallycool stuff with vines anddriftwood Vonda and their 2 dogs   John and Vonda Ethel and Howard took us to meet John and Vonda, creators and owners of a brand new campground scheduled to open by the end of January, 2016.  The only thing cooler than their fabulous new earthy, natural, spacious, efficient yet no-frills campground are THEM!!!  Carl and I have met many many people on our individual and co-adventures, but we both agreed that John and Vonda are way up there on the list of amazing unpretentious and hospitable people!  Read More

FL – Connecting with Friends

Pretty cool, huh? Cow pasture and gopher burrows Pine trees are often planted in very straight rows   Downtown Panama City Tree transformed intoa snowman!!!     I met Ethel and Howard back in Bremen, GA.  I loved both of them immediately!  That was also the place where I met Carl who was workkamping like they were!  So, when we found out that they would be near Panama City when we were headed north…it was a no-brainer that we would stop and hang out with them for a few days!  We are so happy that we did! An awesome bridgeRead More