Earth Travel Brings Light

   The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere occurred 2 days and approximately 2 hours ago…Mountain time!  The energetic pulse is still palpable!     During a solstice, (winter/shortest day…summer/longest day) the Earth’s movement…TRAVEL…is  one of the most useful and important phenomenons in astronomy…dictating the seasons.  It is the moment the sun travels its shortest path through the sky providing the least sunlight.  The Earth’s North Pole is tilted the farthest away from the sun denoting the onset of winter!    Winter Solstice has meaning on a number of levels.  Most literally, it refers to the “birth of the sun”…both universally and personally. Read More

OOPS! I Couldn’t Help It!!!

   Two of the visual wonders that I’ll be focusing on when I get on the road are waterfalls and national parks.  Well, I had the opportunity last weekend to visit Carlsbad Caverns in southeastern NM with a friend.  Now, officially, it is Carlsbad National Park!!!  So, I’m wondering if I “cheated” by going there without an RV…without actually having begun my adventure?  Hmmmm?  Enough pondering…I VOTE NO!!!  LOL    My experience just before entering the caverns, I believe, contributed to preparing me for my adventure.  When I realized the caverns’ path of ‘switchbacks’ lead to over 750′ beneath the earth’s surface…myRead More

Speaking of travel….

     WOW!  I just saw the most beautiful “something” soar across the sky as I was coming home from the grocery store!  Was it a comet?  A meteor? A shooting star? It was nothing short of spectacular!  It lasted quite awhile.  As soon as it disappeared on the far side of the mountain, I looked at my was 9:11PM.       Thank goodness I was able to stop the car right where the “sky traveler” caught my attention!  Had I been on the main road, it could have been a problem!  I’ve never seen anything quite so magnificent.  At moments like this,Read More