TX – First Day – Houston Surprised Us Both – Part 2

       A little later on Day 1 – Off we went downtown to find the tallest building in Houston and that we did!  It is the tallest skyscraper in Texas as well AND the tallest 5-sided building in the world!  The JP Morgan Chase Tower…75 stories high with an observation deck at 60 where we found a fabulous panoramic view of the city.   It reminded me of the Baltimore World Trade Center that Carl and I went in with my son Matthew when we were in town in January!  I thought THAT was high at the 27thRead More

TX – First Day – Houston Surprised Us Both – Part 1

When I think Houston, I think big ‘ole metropolitan city…that’s nice.  WELL…with only a half day to spend in the city, Carl and I had to be very selective in our choices of what to spend our time on.  (Originally planned to be at a campground only minutes from Houston, but it got flooded out and we had to change our plans…new place a couple hours north…so we stayed at a Walmart near the original campground so we could at least get a little bit of the city)     Add caption The first stop early morning was the WilliamsRead More

LA – Farewell Abita Springs

  Fun times at the campground…next stop…TEXAS! Ah – ha!  Caught ya…LOL “Are there REALLY any fish in this lake?” Staring contest…he won!!!!! I found this baby bat in the bottom of one of thewashing machines!  So glad I saw the little fella!!!I let him sleep and used a different one! These interesting ‘mud formations’ wereall through the walking trails…hollow in the center…have no idea what they are???  Anybody know? Can’t forget the flora! Along the trail Nice reflection One of the ponds What a nice guy…sharing his snack witha quack…lol More pretties Campfire with new friends from Canada SettingRead More

LA – Natchez Steamboat Jazz Cruise

Wow…after 4 days of continuous rain and area flooding, the sun presented herself in all her glory just in time for our Sunday Brunch Jazz Cruise aboard the Natchez!  Gratitude was exploding out of us!    Before we boarded, there was calliope music resounding through the marina from an organ on the boat.  This particular boat is the 9th in the line of steamboats that have traversed the Mississippi River bearing the name of Natchez. Once we boarded, we could choose whichever table we liked…window seat of course. Shortly thereafter the hostess arrived to guide us to the brunch buffet!Read More

***NEWS FLASH*** 111 Day Stay in Alaska

  Wasilla is right above Anchorage   Wow!  You just never know when an opportunity you can’t refuse is gonna show up in your life! Carl and I both get notices from Workers on Wheels.  Every now and again, one of us will check the offerings just for fun, comment then delete the message.  Well………this time it was different.      We had plans to visit Alaska anyway in July after a long stretch up the Pacific coast and into the northwest region.  When Carl read the details of this gig from Workers on Wheels, we looked at each otherRead More

LA – Sites on Bourbon St., New Orleans

  It has been nearly 35 years since I walked the streets of New Orleans!  I did have a Hurricane ‘beverage’ just for old time sake…LOL  It seemed stronger this time!  We happened upon spring break and that made our experience a bit more ‘lively’ than it might have been!  Beads were being tossed from the balconies all through the town like it was Mardi Gras again and adult beverages were being consumed quite early in the day. Carriages were lined up on Bourbon Stlike taxis are in New York City Great buildings Bride and groom walking alongBourbon St ThisRead More

LA – Abita Springs – All Around Town

   Abita Springs is a neat little town in Louisiana!  The streets are lined with antiquated live oaks and the houses are mostly 1900 style cottages.  One fascinating thing about this town is the history of its healing waters…clip borrowed from the internet) Healing Waters Of Abita Springs It is said that this town holds a rich source of powerful, healing waters in its rushing waters. This water, which was used for medicinal purposes by the Choctaw Indians for centuries, is said to give new life to all who use it. Some of the stories of the waters invigorating effects haveRead More

Mississippi – Out and About

Check out the ‘bay doors’ Awesome cafe in Biloxi…designed around an old gas station…great food!   M-iss-iss-ipp-i…I used to love spelling that out loud as a kid…LOL      Carl and I had the opportunity to walk through a few of the Gulf towns that were part of the Hurricane Katrina devastation back in August of 2005.  Even though New Orleans was the ‘hardest hit’, life here in southern Mississippi was disrupted substantially requiring its residents to have to rebuild their homes, businesses and their lives overall.  One man, who experienced the camaraderie that happens when disaster strikes chose toRead More