LA – Birthday Fun – Part 4 of 4

  IT’S MY BIRTHDAY DAY…January 17th!!!  Yippee!  I love birthdays..anybody’s birthday!!!  But especially mine..teehee!  And what a wonderful day it was!  It started out nice and slow and easy with quiet time, readings and lovely chanting music.  Then after brunch at the Cafe, we went bike riding around Abita Springs.  We made a pit stop at the Mystery House. After brunch, my “wanderer” went outside to  wait for me while I finished my tea. Here he is poking a huge ant house…gotta love it! This is where Bud’s new friend lives… He named her “Omelet”…how sweet… giving credit where creditRead More

LA – Birthday Fun – Part 3 of 4

  This is what I did… This is where I did it! WOW…how cool was this?! She turned several times in order to catch the wind just right for making bubbles! There goes another one! Our third day in town was great fun.  I ate my very first oyster on the half shell!  Not raw though…it was char-grilled and I got to chew it!  We saw humongous bubbles being created in the street…I was ecstatic!  There was more street music…only got one shot though.  Bud and I stopped in a shop filled with Mardi Gras masks and the colors andRead More

LA – Birthday Fun – Part 2 of 4

     Bud lives most of the time in his home in Chapel Hill, NC.  Fall and Spring he spends some time on his farm in WV, and summers he loves being with family and soaking in the beauty that surrounds his home in Michigan.  He went to Michigan the second week in January to visit his brothers and friends and then flew into New Orleans for 5 days so we could explore the city and hang out for my birthday, January 17th! Looks like we will be eating out…LOL Hey get out of my picture!!! The cottage at theRead More

LA – Birthday Fun for My Daughter and Me- Part 1 of 4

   BRIGHT SPOT – Before I left for Louisiana, I spent a girls’ day with my beautiful ‘adopted mom’, Ruth.  She is Carl’s mother who I fell in love with at first meeting back in the Fall of 2015.  I had been sending her pictures of mine and Carl’s adventures when we were traveling together and now I am sending her pictures of my solo adventures.  She has a couple of small albums filled already.  It helps us stay connected.  We talk on the phone every couple of weeks, too.  She is absolutely delightful.  She is 84 years young withRead More

FL – Farewell Florida

  It’s been great, but if I never see Spanish moss or an alligator again, I think Ill be okay!!!  LOL These are the final three campgrounds that I visited in Florida between Myakka and Louisiana. Aaaahhhh…piggies in the pool after along drive toBee’s RV Resort in Clermont This kid is only 11 years old and hasbeen playing drums with his familysince he was 6.  He was incredible!!! The mom, dad and younger brother…theywere all so sweet and very talented! Oh, my..such a Fashionista!!! LOL Lovely boat ride through HomosassaSprings Wildlife Center Very little wildlife out that day,beautiful nonetheless Friends, JohnRead More

FL – Myakka River State Park – Part 2 – Picture Gallery

An egret with his eye on a snack Friends around the campfire Volunteers’ Happy Hour Passing around gifts to the story, “Twasthe Night Before Christmas”  Every timethe reader says THE you pass what you areholding.  At the end, you get what you have!It was a riot! One of the humongous puppies I met Probably the sweetest shot I got thewhole 6 weeks I was at the park. Sunday after potluck, the startof the weekly gamesof Pegs & Jokers was underway. It wasnew to me, but once you get the hang ofit, it’s a blast!  This is “jammin’”, my new ride!Read More

FL – Myakka River State Park Volunteering – Part 1

  Grey is so not my color…lol  Work?????  What was I thinking?  As it turned out, my volunteer work experience was great!!!  In the 7 weeks that I worked clean up at the park, I was blessed to meet many fabulous and diverse people.  Some were campers and some were other volunteers.  ALL of them have been welcomed additions to my journey!  A few will remain in my heart and will continue to be friends as time goes on.  I am especially grateful for them.    In addition to the people, there was the opportunities to spend quality time withRead More

FL – On the Way South

   On my way to Myakka River State Park to volunteer for 6 weeks, I stopped to see friends Ethel and Howard in Panama City for a few days They were gracious enough to provide my hook-ups while I was there. We also talked bunches catching up and went out to eat and spent some time at Millions of Books bookstore.  They have several little critters in their family who are very funny and sweet.  Tiny bodies and big ‘scary’ barks…soooo funny!!! Ethel, the silly one!!! BRIGHT SPOT – I was looking for information on South American travel while inRead More

AL – Tribute to Veterans at Styx River Resort

     November, 2016      It was wonderful to be a part of the celebration for the men and women who have and are currently serving our great nation through various aspects of the military.  The folks at this campground prepared a small ceremony that included songs, stories, snacks and a warm sense of community.  It didn’t matter one bit that I didn’t know anyone there.  The feeling of fellowship, respect and gratitude does not require prior introductions.  The young girl who sang “America” brought tears to many an eye that morning.  Her voice was angelic and effortless.  IRead More

***It’s a New Day***

     Soooo, after more than 6 weeks of picture loss drama…intermittent internet service at best…adjusting to a ‘work’ schedule…and experiencing life shifts left and right….IT IS A NEW DAY!!! The upside of those 6 plus weeks has been… *my son Matthew came up with a plan to minimize photo disasters in the future and gifted me with the needed technology *made new friends at Myakka River State Park *received amazing support during the shifts *bought a little car so I can flit about without breaking down camp *beach time…always a good thing *beautiful opportunities to be in the stillRead More