A Quickie

    ***It’s looking like I’ll be back on the road no later than the last week of September.  I’ll probably head northeast to catch the spectacular view of the autumn leaves with their myriad of colors.  I plan to have Christmas with family and friends here in MD as well as celebrate my 60th in mid-January!!!     ***Speaking of my 60th…I’ve booked my flights and 2 week stay in San Diego as my gift to myself!!! YES!!!  More to come as the adventure continues to unfold…thanks again for joining me even during my layover here in MD.  🙂Read More

Joys of the Ocean

    Van-Go and I went to the beach…woo hoo!!!!!!  Matthew, Adam, his mom and his sister’s family were going to be in Bethany Beach for a week, so I decided to spend 2 days there hanging out with them. Bright Spot-On my way to the beach Sunday morning, I stopped at Friendly’s restaurant in Rehobeth. There I met a lovely woman named Maria.  I was fortunate enough to have her as my server.  What a pleasant and unpretentious woman.  She was a delight from the moment she said hello!  She made sure my order was exactly like I wantedRead More

New Granddaughter

   My grandson Leon recently acquired a little sister named Loki…..she’s a 13 week old pure bred jet black German Shepard with ears that flop to one side and  paws that are humongous…look out mommies, Rachel & Megan!  I’m so proud!  I’m sure there will be more pictures to come! The happy parents Leon isn’t quite sure what to think…his ears tell all!!! LOLApparently they are his, “OMG, you must be kidding” ears!!!

The Illusion of Time

Helloooo, All! ***First order of business….VAN-GO IS ALL BETTER and getting all gussied up to hit the road in a few weeks!  The last day of my “Nanny” position is Sept. 18th and I’ll be spending the following weekend with a very dear friend from high school.  She recently bought a beautiful home in Bethany Beach, Delaware and I am looking forward to seeing it and just hanging out with her.  She will finally get to see my new home as well!  Yippee!!!  By October 1 or maybe before, I’ll be back on the road…more on that to come!!! ***Secondly,Read More

Where Did the Time Go???…

     Wow…between having a ‘work schedule’ again, not having access to the internet for 5 days and living 3 different places in 2 weeks…I just realized that 10 days have gone by without posting!!!  Sorry especially to the Bright Spots that may have been waiting to see their story!!!  They are here!!!      Well, I have embraced city life here in Baltimore!  Staying at my son’s place 4 days during the week, which is MUCH closer to my ‘temp nanny’ job, has afforded me the opportunity to ride the Light Rail to and from work.  I am nearlyRead More

Girls’ Weekend

   I met a new friend through family and we instantly hit it off.   She invited me to stay at her home for the weekend and we had a blast.  A few highlights for us were morning walks, a birthday dinner for her sister at Sakuras, a visit to the MD Line Tractor Show, finishing each others’ sentences, saying the same thing at the same time, finding out that we have a ton of things in common and on and on!  It was such a fun and fabulous weekend…we’re planning to do it again in a few weeks!!! Alana’sRead More

Inner Harbor & The Little Guys

My granddaughter, Cannon! The traffic that I don’t have to drive in…LOL The Inner Harbor The Inner HarborOne of these days I might just go for a rideon the Rocket Dog…a tourist speed boat that goes out into the Chesapeake Bay! Downtown Baltimore!  I’ve been staying with my son this past week because he lives close enough to my “work” that I can hop on the Light Rail to get there in 8 minutes and don’t need to worry about driving in city traffic!  Thank you Matthew and Adam!!!  It is quite beautiful at the harbor…so many sites!  The Aquarium, Science Center, fabulousRead More