TX – A Shock to the System…Surgery – NOW!

Best suggestion ever!!! Every sunrise is a blessed event! I had my first crawfish…I just don’t get it?! The afternoon of my surgery An authentic Texas long horn Wutchu looking at??? A gorgeous white moth Tres Rios RV Resort is a place I’ll always hold dear to my heart!  It’s a place where strangers became family in a ‘split second’.   I went to the doctor for what I thought was basically some routine tests.  A phone call a few hours later proved me wrong.  The doctor said he was very worried about me and he needed to take careRead More

Valentine’s Day: An Obligation or A Celebration – A Point of View

     I had an unexpected experience yesterday in a pharmacy while waiting for a prescription to be filled.  There was a rather large section devoted to Valentine cards and gifts for purchase that was packed with people.  Some were quite focused and others scurrying like field mice.  As I stood back and observed for awhile, what I witnessed was very intriguing.  There was quite a range in age among the shoppers.  There were more men than women.  Some appeared to be shopping for themselves and others for small children’s classmates (the boxed kid cards).  None of that seemed outRead More

TX – McKinney Falls State Park

   Once you get to the parking lot where the McKinney Falls trail head is and walk along a short woodsy path of bald cypress, sycamores and pecan trees you are faced with a huge expanse of rock! The Moon??? The surface is similar to what I imagine that the moon would be like…flat-ish with little craters all over the place! Some were shallow and others deep enough to seriously catch you up if you were not paying attention.  Looking out across this space to the left, there are a great many limestone slabs resting on each other, some flatterRead More

TX – Rockport, Corpus Christi and San Padro Island Fun

   Rockport is where I met my personal tour guide, Ed!  Of course, I didn’t know he was going to be my personal tour guide at first.  He and I were registering at the campground next to each other and had basically the same camper information response…no pets, no slides and no other people!  It was pretty funny and we both chuckled.     After I got to my site and set up for the week, I went to the clubhouse where the Internet was available and got on my computer.  A little while later Ed showed up and cameRead More

TX – The Painted Churches of Central Texas

 Funny how you go to some places thinking you’re just gonna hang out for a day of two on your way someplace REALLY cool and you get to talking with a local and BAM….you’re off to an unexpected delight!  The painted churches was one such surprise.     What I learned was that when the Czech and German immigrants came to Texas in the 1800’s, many settled in the central part and named their towns after the places they had left such as Schulenberg, near where these churches are and   “…in an effort to make their new churches feelRead More

TX – Newman’s Castle and….Bakery?

  Newman’s castle      It all started with the bakery.  Michael Newman started up his now award-winning bakery over two decades ago.  It is nestled in the small town of Bellville.   You can find donuts, quiche, cinnamon buns, croissants, pigs in a blanket and even a full breakfast or hot lunch.  They open at 4:00 am 7 days a week!!!  I had a delicious breakfast there while I was waiting for the castle tour guide. That adorable Irish Wolfhound is the king’s castle dog! Just on the other side of the drawbridge This is Avalon! His cows haveRead More

TX – Super Bright Spot

   BRIGHT SPOT – This is an unusually long read, but I recommend you allow yourself the time. I had the pleasure of talking to a man last evening who had much to share.  Hani was born in Jerusalem.  His family dwelling had no electricity and no water.  At the age of four, his parents moved to Kuwait but Hani stayed behind with his grandparents at his request.  Over the three years he lived there… 1) he broke his arm and a man who took care of everyone’s animals (he had no formal education) set it with a piece ofRead More

TX – Columbus? Where is That?

   Sometimes there are towns that may not be as popular or well-known as some others.   But just like local ‘dives’ (restaurants), sometimes they are a delightfully pleasant surprise!  I found this to be true about Columbus.  Enjoy my “Surprises Gallery.” The dome atop the historic courthouse OMG…I can’t remember what this buildingis…geezy-peezy…but it’s one of the manyhistoric buildings and it’s pretty awesome looking…oh, my! Opera house The courthouse The courthouse…the wood in here wasgorgeous! Another view of the courthouse dome…it wasso beautiful! An amazing historic oak!!! If you zoom, you’ll see that a few branchesare so long andRead More

TX – Campground Mix-up!!!

    It was an especially long day…345 miles…about 8 hours with stops and a 2 hour wait at Denny’s because of a serious accident on I10.  I finally arrived only to hear, “I’m sorry but I don’t have you registered and we are full.  It was 5:45 and dark!  I went out in the van and got my reservation book and it said…Gulf Coast RV Park…Beaumont, TX…$40.50 deposit on VISA!!!  She repeated that she had no record of my reservation and that they never take a deposit…you just pay when you get there. OK, THEN!  So, I sat inRead More