FL-Manuscript in the Mail

     YES!  My first official poetry manuscript submission!  Back in the saddle of writing, I researched a few literary contests.  Unicorn Press offered one…First Book Contest.  The requirements were to send in 56-72 pages of unpublished original poetry.  I sent 64 poems on 68 pages.  The winner receives $250 and will have their poetry published in a hand-bound book by Unicorn Press.  Woo!  Hoo!  Wish me luck…you gotta play to win!!!    I had a creative surge after I returned from the post office and stretched my skills to include drawing…designed a fun cover for my poetry book.  I mayRead More

FL-Update Week Misc.

     Getting around the house is becoming easier…doing things upright on one foot still tires me, so I just do things in stages.  The knee walker has been a great help!  I can’t use it for everything though…like doing laundry.  If I could tape that…it would be a candidate for America’s Funniest Videos for sure!      I tried a couple new dishes this week.  Blueberry-ricotta pancakes and Zucchini pasta.  The additional ingredients in the pancakes them a little ‘mushy’, but very tasty.  The ‘pasta maker’ gadget was loads of fun to use.  An entire zucchini’s worth of curlinessRead More

FL-Double-sided Bright Spot

  I love life’s little surprises!  Heck, I love life’s big surprises, too!!!  Noticing anything unusual about this restaurant? Yep, it is closed…empty…except for ME!       Today I had to go to the post office.  It took a while.  I also needed to stop at Walmart for salad fixins.  It was 1:45.  I was hungry.  That wonderful Texas Roadhouse was still right there on the same lot.  I decided it would be better to eat something light there than to go into Walmart really hungry!!!  So I parked, grabbed my crutches and attempted to open the door…it wasRead More

FL-Pre-Mom Day Outing

     What a fun day I had!  My Mother’s Day treats to me from me.  First, I drove 34 miles just to stock up on the ice tea that I love….only Whole Foods carries it….it was absolutely worth it!      Then, I went to the Oasis Salon for a long overdue haircut.  No, that’s not me…LOL But this is my new hairstyle!  There I met Jonesy, the wonderful woman who did exactly what I asked her to do with my hair….unheard of!!!  She convinced me to have my eyebrows waxed…a first for me!  I was so excited!  Well,Read More

FL-A Cure for Cabin Fever – Get Creative, Get Out!

     Days are flying by with my renewed passion for writing.  I bought 11 Kindle edition books about fiction writing and I’ve read 4 of them in the last week!  I’m taking notes, experimenting, and watching flix recommended that demonstrate plot and dialogue genius.  I’ve registered for 2 literary contests and my daughter Rachel and I are trying out a fun activity.  We select a writing prompt, choose a deadline for manuscript completion and then share our stories.  Our first task will be shared this Saturday.  It’ll be interesting to see what each of our minds guided us toRead More