Cam and Gram – The Rattlesnake Museum

Sopapilla…mmmmmmm! They built this restaurantaround a TREE!!!!!   After we went to the Science Center, we went to Old Town Square for lunch.  Cameron had his first sopapilla with honey!  He said it was the best dessert he ever had!  YUM! Our restaurant had a tree growing right smack in the middle of the room!!!  Then we ventured to the Rattlesnake Museum…I never thought I would ever refer to a snake as beautiful!  There were several that were truly awesome to look at! I love me some turtles…lol Better watch out…he’s got his eye on you! Beautiful!!! That rattler is readyRead More

Cam and Gram – iExplora – ABQ Science Center

Three and a half hours of YAHOO!!! Can you see Cameron and Cameronand Cameron and Cameron…??? Cameron in a drop of water Grammy and Cameron This was so cool—you coulddesign your own pin ballmachine layout!  He did anamazing job…several times! Check out this elevator…it was biggerthan most people’s living rooms! The Bubble Wall Grammy in a drop of water Pilot in the making! Cameron did a short video on his favoriteexhibit and saved it!  He is now apermanent part of  iExplora!!!(bottom right)

Cam and Gram – Welcome to ABQ

    Welcome back to ABQ!!! First breakfast in apartment Mommy Pigeon and her 4 eggs…we’ll try to get better pics soon!They are soooo adorable!     After 9 days on the road across over 1900 miles, we arrived in Albuquerque!!!  Our first stop was Capulin RV Park for one night, then to the apartment office to pick up keys and off to my friend, Jean’s for the night…nothing in the apartment to sleep on…yikes!!! LOL      The following day Tiffany, Christopher, Bryan, Cameron and I drove to Rio Rancho, Belen and Los Lunas to gather my things thatRead More

Cameron and Grammy – Cross Country Adventure – KS and OZ

  Wow…Dorothy’s house and the Land of Oz!  What a fun surprise we had while driving down the road…a billboard directing us to the Land of Oz!  It was a good thing because we were pretty bummed about missing the famous Pancake House in Liberal, KS.  We sprung for a night at a Best Western last night to get a reprieve from the heat…indoor pool, big TV, air conditioning, awesome shower, etc.  We decided to hang out in the morning, have a little of their continental breakfast and go for another swim before we hit the road.  The trip toRead More

Cameron and Grammy – Cross Country Adventure – TN, KY, IL, MO

  YES… a few more days…a few more states…getting closer!  More fun in the pool, of course!  We made a quick Walmart stop and Cameron bought a few awesome little cars/vehicles…yeah!  At the campground in Kentucky, Mr. Kenny took a liking to us and gifted us with several things.  We got an extendable back scratcher, a rubber ducky that squirts water, and a cool bottle opener!  Cameron really liked him.    We crossed the Illinois border and our GPS voice welcomed us.  About 45 seconds later, she welcomed us into Missouri…it was hysterical!  Cameron was excited to cross the MississippiRead More

Cameron and Grammy – Cross Country Adventure – MD, VA, NC

   (These next few posts are me catching up to the present)  Well, we’re off!!!  The first two stops on our nine day adventure across the country to NM were fabulous!  We ran into some crazy rain…enough to have to pull over for awhile until it let up, but otherwise the traveling was easy.  We played some travel games like hangman and state license plate search.  We found 9 states already in only 2 days!  Cameron made note of his favorite things in his journal. BRIGHT SPOT – Our neighbors at Catawba Falls RV Park were wonderful.  The mom wasRead More