Getting Around and…NOT

  It’s ALL part of the journey…I’ve been gifted with seeing little messageslately that have helped me be “ok” with my temporary changes in travel plans.I am grateful for them.       Wow, life is just full of twists and turns!!!  Van-Go is experiencing what appears to be a mysterious “condition” rendering her unable to be diagnosed so far!  I’ve got the best of the best assigned to the case…my friend Vince!  If we can all send our highest level of cheer and support his way…that would be great!!!  I KNOW there’s a solution to be had because Van-GoRead More

Inspiration On the Go!

  Not much text here, but I’m so excited to have begun Van-Go’s design, I had to put this up!!!  Rachel and I VERY carefully applied the lettering…some of which was individual letters…to the driver’s side. Pretty scary…lol! The project to inspire on-the-Go has hereby commenced!!!  Stay tuned for additions!  Artworks by Vincent van Gough…Van-Go’s namesake…in an unusual format…coming next!!! Then we kinda “pigged-out”!!!  Yummy…Domino’s delivers!!!  At least I got the extra thin crust…LOL By the way, I’m down 11 pounds…yippee!  Nothin’ but celery tomorrow…LOL Handmade crust, pepperoni and ham Thin crust, BBQ sauce, chicken and mushrooms

Baltimore Artscape in Bolton Hill

  It’s been forever since I attended the annual Artscape here in Baltimore!  I had always enjoyed seeing the amazing creativity!  Rachel, Megan, Alana and I ventured into the city on Friday to view the sights, dance in the streets to the live music and catch a little local ambiance.  As remembered, it was worth the drive.  The fresh squeezed lemonade and ‘people watching’ were at least as much fun as everything else! Sea turtle made completely out of plasticgrocery bags advocating recycling A shot of the exquisite architecture in Baltimore City Cookies on wheels…LIFE IS GOOD Twister with aRead More

“Things Discovered” in Pics & Adventure Blip

Gia, the house feline discovered my little laundry basket and has claimed it as her own when not in use! Hmmmm??? After I decided to place her back in nature realizing there was nothing I could do to repair the damage that was somehow done. I thanked her for sharing her loveliness for however long she had. A view of her under-wings from the sidewalk and the sky that she’ll never fly in again How I found this beautiful creature… discovered her by the path I was walking upside down with her wings tangled and small delicate body bent butRead More

Mom and Daughter Night

  When my children were very small I started a tradition where I would spend a day with each one of them individually at some point throughout the year and we would do fun things that were suggested by them.  It has always been something that I have looked forward to and cherished. This continued through their high school years.  Growing up, college life, having different schedules, not living together and my moving to New Mexico 4 years ago has contributed to the somewhat ‘less than guaranteed consistency’ of our special day.  However, it has not become obsolete!!! I spendRead More

Helmet Help and Birthday Bash

   Boy, this past week has been a blast…lots of fun and laughter. After everyone test drove my scooter, and then viewing the pictures, we all realized that the “alien head”/“giant zit” helmet needed some serious help!  So my daughter Nicole contributed some possible creative flair…it may not be enough, but it looks a whole lot better! The 8th was Rachel’s 27th birthday and here at the house we celebrated with her wife, sister and nephews…fun, silliness, and laughter! High quality balloon greeting…lol Birthday girl is so coordinated! Gift from Nicole and me!!! Watching the rain pour down before weRead More

Fun Friend Reunion!

  My friend, Alysia taught in Seoul, Korea this past school year.  She climbed mountains, bungee jumped and on and on without a scratch!  She arrived back in the states to her hometown to enjoy a 6 week vacation before she headed to Shanghai, China and slipped on wet grass and broke her ankle in 2 places!!! What???!!! She went to dinner with me and the guys and an awesome time was had by all!!!  Back at her parents, we met her new cat and got a little goofy…LOL  It was terrific to see her and spectacular wishes for herRead More

Pennsylvania Fun with the Guys

Matthew and Adam’s niece Haley    What a fun-filled few days!  My son Matthew, his fiance Adam and I spent 4th of July weekend in PA.  First we had a fabulous feast of a cookout with Adam’s family.  I finally got to meet most of Adam’s family including young nieces and a nephew!  We saw a bird nest filled with baby birds waiting for food, played silly games with the kids, learned a new game on my cell, acquired a list of must-read books, watched huge trees dance like crazy and laughed and ate plenty!!! Trees swaying in the breezeRead More

Cape May, NJ with a Friend

  AAAHHHHHH! The ocean!  The drive to the beach was great…just a little longer than expected. It seems the address of the campground exists in MD as well as NJ and I plugged the wrong one into my Garmin.  We thought it was going to take 1H, 40M…but it took almost 3 HOURS…oops!!!    My friend, Dena and I had a wonderful time.  Cape May is adorable!  The town is quaint, the beaches are clean and the shopping is plentiful!!!  The architecture is fabulous…so ornate and colorful!  Our campground…Lake Laurie RV Resort was very close to the beach…it was alsoRead More

Slipped Through the Cracks…

    The last week or so around here has been a little crazy.  A few BRIGHT SPOTS have slipped through the cracks, so this post will only be bright spots from this last week.  I’ll catch up on my adventures in a day or so 🙂      #1… At the Starbucks in Safeway in Churchville, Maryland, Crystal told me about her daughter Danyele.   It was her first year in middle school this year and she has gotten on the honor roll every single quarter!!! 🙂  She goes to Southampton middle school.   Congratulations Danyele… keep up the good work…your mom isRead More