FL-Delightful Visit with Megan

To my delight, Megan made a return visit to Florida!  We had a great time…almost a week!!!  The weather was very sporadic and Sanibel Island was a tad disappointing, but nonetheless, it was a wonderful visit together!  Enjoy the pics. In between trips to the beach, a road trip with Van-Go and a craft fair, Megan helped me get all my ‘stuff’ into the van before she left!  I was scheduled to get back on the road 3 days after she went home.  What a blessing she was!!!  We both got turtle tattoos at the craft fair…so cute! A full rainbowRead More

FL-Fourth of July Weekend Brought 2 Firecrackers Extraordinaire

      Fourth of July – hot dogs, beach parties, baseball games, fireworks…. Well, that is what it has come to mean for many and that’s great!  Originally, the reason for celebration was because a nation declared independence…broke away courageously from “the way things were done’ traditionally.      This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of a brief encounter with two women who I believe exemplify the true meaning of independence…daring to do things differently than most…breaking the mold and taking a giant leap of faith to create something that you believe in! Bright Spot – On Friday,Read More

FL-Quiet Weeks of Healing

A couple of egrets on an afternoon stroll Bright Spot-  My friend, Andrea becamea grandmother!!!  Welcome to the world,Hazel!!!!! Thought for the Day            My last three weeks have been spent reading, writing, appreciating the beauty around me and just ‘being’ much of the time.  I made a few trips to the end of the peninsula here to a beach called Passe a Grille.  It is situated at the tip of the stretch of land and you can watch the sun rise and set from the beach.  YES…THE EASTERN AND WESTERN HORIZON ARE BOTH VISIBLE!  Read More