VA – Shenandoah Valley Campground Surprises

   After a long drive, I was glad to arrive at my next stop.  I arrived late and it was nearly dark, but a very kind woman met me at the entrance to give me my camper’s packet and welcome me.  A good night sleep followed getting settled in.  The following morning I woke up to bunnies everywhere!  Outside my door, along the road, under trucks…when I went up to the office to pay for my site, I was told that 2 years ago there were only 5 rabbits…we laughed and laughed!!! My rainbow fire  BRIGHT SPOT – What aRead More

VA – Skyline Drive and Dark Hollow Falls

    What an amazing time of year to witness the beauty of Skyline Drive in Virginia!  The leaves were gorgeous even with an overcast day.  I had no idea just how curvy and steep the drive would be…good thing I didn’t!!!  LOL  Flashbacks of the trip to Alaska through British Columbia, the Yukon and the Al-Can rushed through my mind’s eye…accompanied by butterflies in my stomach! That sure made an impression!  Nonetheless, I made it and it was well worth the mild angst.      The .75 mile hike to Dark Hollow Falls was pretty good.  All downhill.  WhatRead More

MD/DE – The Beaches…How I Have Missed You

     Sometimes you don’t know how much you miss something until you are without it for awhile! That holds true for me when it comes to the beach…moreso, the ocean.  It doesn’t ever matter what time of year I find myself back in Maryland, I go for a day or so to get my “WATER” fix!  Lakes and rivers are great, but, really…..      My dear friend, Sharon, once again opened her beach home to me for a couple of days…thank you hon!  That meant Bethany Beach…AND the weather was unseasonably warm and if I must say…PERFECT.  TheRead More

MD – Fun with Family and Friends

     After I left ABQ, I flew home to see my family and hang out there for a month.  Home is always a safe haven during times of transition and my children are so good for me as well as to me…always, but especially when they sense that Mom is going through ‘something’.  I spent quality time with each of them and all of them!  Matthew, Rachel, Nicole AND Megan retrieved me from the airport…so much fun!  THEN, they took me out to dinner at Pappas…because, of course, the only way to begin a visit to Maryland is……..having aRead More

***Back on the Road!***

       I did not fall off the face of the earth…LOL  I took a brief sabbatical to refresh, reevaluate and revise the next leg of my journey!  Funny how when you slow down long enough to breathe, the fog clears, answers reveal themselves and inspiration ensues!  The last 10 months have been an amazing whirlwind…and as wonderful and exciting as it has been…it brought to light the need to breathe.  The last 5 weeks, I have done just that.  The results, still a work in progress (WIP), have been astounding. Letting go of  beliefs that no longer serveRead More