Birthday Fun…Cameron’s Party

     What a fabulous idea for a kid’s party…there’s this place called “Jump On It” that is huge and filled with inflatables of all sizes and themes where kids AND ADULTS can bounce until they are ‘well-mixed’…LOL  My grandson’s party was there yesterday….and it was a blast! Grammy and Cameron!!! How many times can a 7 year old go down a slide??? LOL What’s a party without a good Hurricane Simulator! ‘If I crawl through this caterpillar, will I come out the other side as a butterfly??? Father, son and daughter #1 sit and marvel…  as daughter #2…MOMMY…multi-tasks asRead More

Open Air Activities

  Gotta love the great outdoors: I got to help fill the pool! Rachel realizing we were NOT goingto be able to attach the hitch withoutrisk of  physical injury!!!! Megan’s dad and band playing inHavre de Grace! Roasting marshmallows to make s’moresand flutter nutters!!! Oooohh!  The pool stars change colors! Megan’s niece…OMG…how precious!

Surprise Boat Ride

  Last week a few of us went to have dinner at Megan’s (my daughter-in-law) Aunt and Uncle’s house.  Pasta…shells, my fave…meatballs…and salad!  Deee-lish!  While Megan did her Aunt Terry’s hair, Ron (Uncle) asked if anyone wanted to go out on the Gunpowder River for a little ride.  OMG!  I was the first one to raise my hand!  Four of us adults and 2 kids jumped on board and off we went into the setting sun!  It was fabulous.  I learned about the ‘no wake zone’ (gotta go slow enough that you don’t create white caps) and that a knotRead More

Grammy & the Boys Go Camping

    Bright Spot– Rachel, the camp director at Muddy Run has been prepping for next week’s youth extreme camp experience!  They’ll learn archery, go fishing, participate in a forest exploration hike, and even prepare a full course dinner for their parents!  She has been running this program for nearly 13 years and she loves it!  She is a Science and Physics teacher during the school year! Way to go, Rachel…I know the kids love it as much if not more than you do!!!     Three and a half days to get ready and three and a half daysRead More

Week Two in MD…Hanging Out!

Until Sunday I had just been hanging out with my Daughters and grandson and it has been wonderful…playing; talking, planning, eating, etc. I did manage to lose my bankcard and keys at the store in the same day. The card was turned into the customer service counter by an honest soul! The keys were found by me on the pile of tank-tops that I had been looking at over a half an hour ago. Hooray!! I guess that could be a BRIGHT SPOT FOR ME. Yippee!!! Oh and a big thank you to my daughter Rachel for attempting to get aRead More

Wonderful Surprises!

        First surprise-the problem with Van-Go was just the battery!!!  Woo!  Hoo!  The fact that the battery put in Van-Go when I purchased it only lasted 4 months…well, I’m just gonna let that slide :/         Second surprise-I had a scrumptious breakfast with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in many years. We worked together at Elmwood Elementary School and she is now the Guidance counselor at the school where my daughter’s boyfriend’s son goes…wow, that was a mouthful!  It was great catching up…thanks, Mia.  I love you!         Third surprise-my sister wentRead More

Balance and Gratitude

     So, today has been a bit rough so far.  It is 2:15 PM here in Maryland and my day started around 6:30 AM.  I tend not to post or give much attention to things that seem not to be going smoothly simply because it is not worth giving energy to such things.  Today; however, I am choosing to make mention of the foibles of my day to demonstrate a philosophy I aspire to live by and the value of said belief.      First, the belief/philosophy: There is/must be balance in the world and when we are ableRead More

Maryland-Week 1…Off the Road

   It will be a whole week that I’ve been in Maryland at today’s end….the time is flying!  It has been a week of fun with family and friends peppered with some business I needed to take care of.  I had some banking business this morning and found my first non-personal Bright Spot– Stephanie, who was assisting me, was telling me about her almost 2 year old (b-day is July 2) nephew and how he is just beginning to talk.  With her name being kind of long, she knew it wouldn’t be anytime soon that she heard it from hisRead More

New York, New York…Why? LOL

    Bright Spot-I have arrived in the beautiful and safe state of Maryland after an unbelievably crazy afternoon in Manhattan at the Passenger Cruise Terminal!!!  WOW!  The crowds, the rushing, the noise…a bit of a culture shock after 43 days of laid back travel.  Whew!  I barely escaped with my life- LOL- my two daughters’ lives returning from the Bahamas and an unscathed Van-Go…more laughing out loud!  Pics…maybe tomorrow…can’t get them onto my memory card to upload…bummer!     My other daughter and my grandson, Cameron and his friend went out to get some dinner.  Ever go to aRead More

Hot Off the Press!

   I just received a super duper wonderful Bright Spot via email from my friend, Ann Hollander that I met at Dune Lake Campgrounds.  The couple with the baby goats, Madeline and Olen (sorry about prior misspelling) celebrated Olen’s 76th birthday today!!!  What makes it such a spectacular event is that he suffered a heart attack last week…touch n go for a while…but he is recovering nicely and is home for his special day!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLEN and many more!!!  Thank you Ann for the update…you’re the best!