Beautiful Morning in Sodus, NY

A few hundred feet from the B&B just after sunrise    I just missed the actual sun peeping up over the horizon moment, but, nonetheless, the start of my day was amazingly beautiful and serene!  Walked to the lake, took pics, read my book and returned to shower and have a scrumptious breakfast served in elegant style by Jerry! Lake Ontario… yes, I’m sure… lol Bright Spot– Jerry shared that after many years of Claudine, his wife, raising the children while he worked, they decided to try to find a way to work together in a laid back kinda way.Read More

R & R and B & B

   Gotta love spontaneous decisions!  On my way to Sodus Point, NY, I caught a glimpse of a billboard along the highway that said, “Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and Museum NEXT EXIT”! Well, alright, talked me into it!  Aborting the original plan of stopping at a lakeside beach resort on my way, I jumped off the exit in Cleveland, Ohio and “I got a ticket to ride”!  What fun it was! Videos and pictures and outfits and guitars of WAY back when it all began clear up to the present were available to see.  There were even musicRead More

A Double Header

                                                    A Case of Mistaken Identity     I get up this morning all psyched to go to the beach along Lake Huron…so what if I have to ride my bike up and down for 3+ miles each way…won’t be the first time…:)  I arrived to find just a lovely little beach with a swarm of little ones doing somersaults, playing tag and eating snacks.   Must have been a field trip…boy, were they adorable!Read More

Willow Wonderland and Its Beings

 I’m catching up a bit here.  Yesterday morning was the first time I was able to see the campgrounds since I got in so late Tuesday night.  So I hopped on my bike and explored the place.  It was worth the ride…it is quite beautiful here.  The property is situated on the Huron River and many folks live here full time in their RVs as well as on the other side of the marina in more traditional houses.  It was a lovely day of exploring outside and inside and reading! Willow Tree Perfect reflection White crane looking for lunch RiverRead More

Saugatuk…Perfect End to Michigan Visit

  Before I left the campground, I headed for the dunes and laid in the early morning sun.  I was feeling kinda silly and decided to take some self portraits….I ended up with something even more fun than that! Well, I started off zoned in on  moi and my cool “t”…lol Then I broadened my scope and noticed me taking a picture of me as reflected in the sand. Then…I found me in my shades! AND the sun peeking through the tree! THEN…when I saw a bunny in my shades, I knew it was time to end the photo shoot…LOLRead More

Memorial Day Fun at Dune Lake

  What a fun-filled day!  I had breakfast with neighbors where I met Sandy, their friend.  She is from Australia and has a delightful accent!  She has 2 girls almost the same age as Emma and Leah.  We were talking about my journey and she told me of some great places to see in the Vermont/New Hampshire areas.  We had the big map and the campground directory going!  She was so helpful and very funny…it was a blast!  Then I hung out reading in my hammock which is always wonderful.      About 4:00 I made the deviled eggs forRead More

Beach-Bum Day

   Up and out early to get the laundry done so I could spend the day at the beach on the lake!  As “luck” would have it, I was fortunate enough to need help with the machines and that is when I met Debra who ran the laundromat!  I was telling her about my trip and she was pretty darn sure she didn’t have any good news for me.  So I let it be.  I changed the subject and somehow ended up with a 2-sided Bright Spot-without going into great detail, as it turns out, Debra is an unmistakable BrightRead More

Flames…Flowers…Friends – All Fun

    I made an early morning fire yesterday and had my chai and quiet time there.  The warmth of the dancing flames, the chirping of the birds, and the gentle breeze made for a perfect beginning of the day.     After my shower and breakfast, I walked up to the office to get eggs and fire starters and got to talking to Lisa.  She asked if I’d like to update the Campground Events board for the 2014 season and if I wanted to help her plant some flowers around the grounds at the water stations.  She didn’t haveRead More

The Picturesque St. Joe Smorgasbord

     My plan for sunning at Silver Beach turned into a 3 hour walking tour of the area.  And what a tour!!!  The sites to behold are plentiful, far too many to post, but I photographed a sampling of what downtown St. Joe has to offer.      Also the day’s Bright Spot was shared by Kim that I met at Helen’s Health Hut.  She and her husband will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and are planning to head north to the “U-P”, the upper peninsula!  They love it there…it’s a nature buff’s paradise.  They’ll take their 4Read More

Out and About – P.M.

  Just after I left South Haven, I stopped at a neighborhood market to pick up a few things.  Then, I proceeded to spend an hour and a half driving to my next destination that should have taken about 25 minutes!  Not going there…it was what it was!  LOL    St. Joseph, MI…where I had the pleasure to meet Parker.  He and a friend were peering into my van windows when I called to them and asked if they’d like to see the inside from the inside!  LOL  They did and loved it!  Then Parker shared his Bright Spot!  ForRead More