AZ – 24 Hours of Awesomeness – Part 1 of 3

   From 1:00pm on a Tuesday to 1:00pm on the following day, Carl and I had pretty much nonstop fun!  Our first stop was to find out what “The Thing” was.  There were billboards for miles and miles along I-10 West advertising “The Thing”.  We HAD to know…lol  So off we went.  Such tourists!  For only $1, we were directed to a door that lead to three buildings that housed vintage vehicles, unbelievably creative hand curved driftwood, period inventions and finally…”The Thing.”  We were amazed at all of the items we saw.  It turned out to be quite a funRead More

AZ – OTR There and First Day in Benson – Gallery

Sunrise at the rest stop where we stayed overnight Oftentimes, I don’t include sights along the way from one destination to the next, so I decided to share a few this time because they are pretty awesome! Rest stop Rest stop…our rig under the moon Rest stop…awesome picnic area Couldn’t help myself…lol Rest stop Rest stop…Gage, NM just outside of Deming Texas Canyon We HAVE arrived…lol T.C. T.C. T.C. T.C. T.C. Bright Spot – The very first thing I did when we arrived in Benson after we settled in at the campground was to find a little TLC for theRead More

NM – Gathering at Monroe’s, Tinkertown and Madrid

  FROST…the first morning in NM On the road toward NMLOVE IT!!! A teeny tiny post office attached to thegas station/convenience store where westopped to pick up a snack! The really awesome thingwas that I had post cards tomail…voila! Being back in New Mexico is always a treat for me having lived there the 4 years before I went on the road.  This visit was especially sweet because I had Carl with me and was able to introduce him to my friends.  I arranged a huge dinner gathering at a restaurant in town so we could all get together…friends couldRead More

TX – Roaring Springs – Down on the Ranch

  These falls poured into the swimming pool Climb to the top Roaring Springs, TX…where and what the heck is that?  Geographically, it is kinda northwest in the state.  Historically, it was originally a Comanche outpost.  Then as part of the Matador Ranch, in anticipation of the railroad coming through, a town was created and named Ragtown.  Once they got a post office in 1913, they got serious and changed their name to Roaring Springs.  Now it is a 746 acre privately owned RV and Golf Ranch that includes the Roaring Springs Falls that feeds their enormous swimming pool providingRead More

TX – Falls at Lucy Park – Witchita Falls

   A detour that was worth a million!  Between Glen Rose and Roaring Springs, Carl and I took a little side trip to Witchita Falls to check out a waterfalls I saw online.  It was so worth the extra 40 miles! A few of the chalk messages along the path After walking along a meandering path through Lucy Park, spotted with chalk messages on the sidewalk, we came upon this beautiful 4-tier                                                        Read More

TX – Dallas – View From the Top – Reunion Tower

    The Reunion tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dallas.  Three of the four shafts of poured-in-place concrete house elevators that shoot to the circular floors in 68 seconds.  The exterior of the transporters is made of glass enabling you to watch Dallas fly by while on route! Dallas’s intricate highway system   We started our adventure on the “GeO-Deck” which provided a 360 degree interior interactive experience of the history and sights of Dallas via touch panels all around the perimeter of the room and the outside deck offered telescopes for distance viewing.  Of course,Read More

TX – Dallas Dazzles – Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens – There is little I can say about these gardens that would suffice in describing their beauty and it’s not even prime season yet!  What an exceptional experience and on an exceptional day!  Come along and enjoy the wonder of nature! Such amazing strength!!!!! What a cutie! Midday snacking…caught ya! I KISSED A FROG…LOL Best guy under the sun!!! I love this shot!!! Another of my faves! So, William…it’s been great talking to ya!!! Smooching in the park 24/7/365…oh yeah!

TX – Fort Worth – Wows – Water Gardens & Rodeo

Water Garden of Fort Worth  – This awesome place is in the middle of downtown Fort Worth!  Rarely do you find a ‘waterfalls’ that you can climb down into with a bunch of other people and hang out!  There are several areas at the gardens…the Wall where you can climb up layers and layers of stone steps…the Quiet Pool situated down in a valley of sorts where you can walk, meditate, etc. that is surrounded by cypress trees and walls with thin plane of water that cascades almost 90 degrees down, sounding like a gentle rainfall  (there was a weddingRead More

TX – Glen Rose Greatness – Finale – Dinosaur World

    You know how sometimes we go along with a friend or partner or spouse to do something that we are not necessarily thrilled about, but do it because THEY are?!  And then sometimes we like it too and other times we just grin and bare it?!  Well, Dinosaur World was one of those and I liked it, too!!!!  I was totally surprised how cool the dinosaur exhibit was…walking along outdoors seeing a new creature around every turn!  What a blast! A dinosaur…A manchild…LOL “It got me!…LOL “Let us out!” “Oh no…got Carl, too!” Add caption Awww, babies! It’sRead More

TX – Glen Rose Greatness – Part 3 – Big Rocks Park & Historic District Fun

  At the entrance of the walkway acrossthe dam The dam WOW…a caterpillar reunion!!!     For a relatively small town, Glen Rose has shown its worth during our visit here.  We happened upon the Big Rocks Park while on a geo-cache search…(more on this later). After we uncovered the hidden treasure, we walked around the park….it was awesome!  Very unique!    Around the area where Pie Peddlers is was the town square and some quaint little shops and even driving through town had its treasures…both of which were very cool! Along the street on the wall of a bodyRead More