Cam and Gram – Moving and Hiking and a Fort Reconstruction

    Finally, the day to move into my first floor apartment was here.  We were soooo ready!   Once everything was moved in, we created a new fort and then spent the better part of 3 days unpacking and making the place livable….without boxes!!!  I was much happier with piles and piles of ‘stuff’ all over the place than with boxes!!!   Pool breaks became a necessity…otherwise Grammy would have just wiped out!  Go, Cameron for making me take breaks!!! The new fort!!! The night before the move Ready to rock and roll…lol   My little helper Once theRead More

Cam and Gram – Hodge Podge of Fun Before the Second Move

  Things got a little insane getting ready to move again after only 13 days!  Everything packed back up…living out of boxes!!!  Cameron and I made the best of it…we found ways to still have fun amidst the chaos!!!  Go, us!!! I was so jealous when Cameron got hisKid’s meal cup and headband….I got acup and headband for me, too!!! Cameron and his awesome cup and ears!!! Fort at the first apartment…draped over and around allthe packed boxes At my friend Jean’s, Christopher,her grandson and our friend,added a bit of character to thecactus….now known as“Old Man Cactus” Chuck E. CheeseRead More

Cam and Gram – Project Completion & Route 66 Summerfest

     We started a really fun project shortly after we arrived at the first apartment (third floor).  I posted the process, but not the finished product!!!  We did am amazing job and we are sooooo proud of how the shelf turned out.  We think you will love it too!!! We did it!!! How it looks in the room…a…mazing!!! The Route 66 Summerfest is an annual event…entertainment, food, crafts, antique car show, etc. The day we went was blazing hot.  We stepped into a cafe and got a cool fresh smoothie about half way through our day! On the shuttleRead More

Cam and Gram – A Visit with the Fish and Friends

  The Albuquerque Aquarium is part of the Bio Park which also includes the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and Tingly Beach.  It is not a very large facility, but it has much to offer in the way of fantastic fish and other water critters!  We had a delightful time there and got some amazing shots…through the glass even!!! Fun doors The underbelly! How cute are these guys? Awesome entrance It’s a double…love this shot It was so cool to look closelyand see everything moving…it’s all alive! Got my eye on you!!!!

Cam and Gram – Music in Old Town and Movie Night at the Pool

    Inspire Crew and Cameron “That look like fun” “Now THIS is fun!!!” A Mariachi Band in the gazebo…a private performance by Inspire Crew…and playing with the New Mexico Marimba Band at the Frida  Kahlo celebration in the Patio Market…WOW!          The movie night at the apartments was so much fun.  The weather was perfect when it needed to be to see ‘The Sandlot’, but a bit of rain earlier brought us a double rainbow!!!  Can’t ask for more than that! C’mon, Cam…you got this!!! The gorgeous blue sky was deceiving… Getting ready for the poolsideRead More