VA, DE, NC – For the Love of Nature

    I’m not exactly certain how this whole search for the hearts in nature came about, but when it did a phenomenon occurred.  It seemed that every walk I took, every glance to the ground, the trees, the sky there was evidence that the heart of Mother Nature was all around.  All I needed to do was be open to seeing it.  The following pictures were taken during the course of 5 different hikes in Virginia and North Carolina and the beach in Delaware.  Once, I placed my focus on having this experience, the universe said, “Okay, girl, youRead More

VA – The Natural Bridge-The Natural Tunnel and George, Part 3

Shot standing directly beneath the bridge  I am never disappointed at how nature creates spectacular structures for us to marvel over!  The Natural Bridge in Virginia is one such place.  It was actually once owned by Thomas Jefferson.  It is a 215′ limestone gorge that was carved out by Cedar Creek.  I walked the Cedar Creek Trail from the bridge to the Monacan Indian village where living history programs are offered and finally ended up at Lace Falls displaying its 30′ cascade!  It was truly a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Just a totally awesome tree Part of theRead More