GA-Pit Stop and Pine Mountain Joy

I’m beginning with a beautiful Bright Spot today.  I met Barbara and Al at an IHOP (a different one than I had Googled, how interesting) on my way to Pine Mountain.  After I finished having brunch, a gentleman across the aisle asked about my foot.  I briefly shared the incident and then somehow I ended up sitting next to Barbara and having a wonderful chat.  These two amazing people have been married 55 years!  One heckuva bright spot in itself!  They also spend recoup time together in early June.  Right before Barbara was scheduled for a total knee replacement, Al fell offRead More

The Buddhist Monastery in Kissimmee, FL

     I got a surprise when I turned out of Orange Grove last week to discover that right next door was a Buddhist Monastery!  There was a crowd on the grounds and I couldn’t help but stop to see what was going on.  I found out it was the beginning of Vassa…a Buddhist practice where the monks retreat for 3 months between July and October (this is the rainy season in India and it was customary not to travel during this period so as not to risk harming the crops, insects or themselves).             Typically,Read More

FL – Gratitude Saves Me Every Time

     Lake Rousseau RV Park was a one night-er, but the place was beautiful and I had so much fun with the kids in the pool.  There were 4 of them, ages 8-11.  I got them to do crazy jumps into the pool so there would be big waves for me to ride while I laid back on my float!  It was hysterical!  Cannonballs, twists, belly/back flops, free falls, can-openers and on and on!  I thanked them for entertaining me when I left. I saw him (about 85-90 yrs old)  ridingpast me as I was leaving the campground…so cool!Read More

OTR – On The Road – AGAIN

     Well, the day finally arrived.  Time to venture out into the unknown once again.  After sitting for the better part of 4 months, it was a welcomed moment!  Of course, my adventures will be limited quite a bit for a while longer…however, I have no plans to concern myself over THAT!      I have been taking a very exciting online course over the last 6 weeks to learn the ins and outs of freelance copywriting (marketing…sales letters/packages).  I am shocked actually at how much fun it has been since I have a history of sales aversion, butRead More