TN – Reunion with Babysitter After 27 Years

Me and Dolly… BEFORE she got  her boobs…LOL Side of Wax Museum bldg… do you know these 4 faces? Holly wood Wax Museum… can you spot King Kong? Me inside the Dixie Stampede building Part of the show! Check out this menu AND NO utensils!!! Pigeon Forge, TN…home of Dolly Parton!  and right next door is Sevierville, TN…home of Leigh Anne!  LOL  Leigh Anne was my children’s babysitter extraordinaire quite a few years ago!  I don’t know who loved who more…Leigh Anne:kids or kids:Leigh Anne! We had so much fun hanging out during the week I was in TN.  ARead More

AL – Mountain Lake Resort

Oh, what a beautiful place!  AND I got to stay 3 nights and 4 days for FREE!  Listen to our 90 minute talk about our great program and you get to swim, sleep, gaze at the lake and take walks “on us”….okay!!! Add caption

GA – Jellystone Park – Alligators and Tortoises and Snakes, Oh My!

My new buddy, Judy!  She took care of me in the office!  What a great name she has…!!! More new friends…Ethel, Marsela, moi and Carl! Rick and Lucy Carl and…one of the crazy macaws!  Weekend guests at the park with none other than Yogi Bear…shhhh…Carl is in there!     My sudden change of plans to go to this campground turned out to be a great decision for sure! I have never stayed at a campground for 3 weeks before and my experience with that here set a precedence for all future long term stays!  It was great!    Read More

GA-AL-TN…Windows 10 Drama

     Hello Everyone!  I am still traveling, but I have also been doing a little dance with Windows 10 that was installed about 10 days ago!      I no longer have the picture editing program that I’ve been using for…forever!      I hope to have conquered the beast within the next several days…then you will have plenty to read and see as I have been through 3 states during this period of time!      Thanks for being patient!