Bald Eagle Cam….Priceless Gift

     I was talking to a dear friend this morning and he told me about the live eagle cam in PA where 2 eggs are being cared for by their adults.  I decided to check it out and what an unexpected surprise!!!  When I first got to the site, a mature was sitting very still in the nest.  I watched for nearly 45 minutes with little movement there, yet it was still awesome.  I sat thinking to myself, “Boy, I wish the other eagle (mom or dad) would come along.”  Literally seconds later, it happened!  A second eagle cameRead More

Midway Point – Getting Ready to Go Long!

My first ever dragon fruit A heart…how cool is that? Wow, it’s like an albino kiwi…lol Ready to add some berries…yum!      My planned respite and regroup period in MD and DE has reached its midway point.  I’m pretty much on track with completing a list of TO-DO’s in preparation for an extended road trip.  This next span will be the longest to date without visiting family and friends.  I’m very excited about this next phase and almost everything is in order.  I have a physical next week.  My tax info is ready to send off to my accountant. Read More

Maryland Means Grandkritters

   I realized last week that I had created a serious error in the grandmother department!  I have neglected to create a post showing off my grandkritters as part of my stops back here in Maryland!  I vow to take more pictures when I’m in Maryland and display them so that I can avoid being disowned…tee hee! Canon – Matthew’s kritter Rachel training her kritters Leon – Rachel’s kritter Loki – Rachel’s kritter Loki and Leon sharing water Gia – Rachel’s kritter Gia Gia Meaty – Nicole’s kritter As you might imagine, each of them have their own very distinctRead More

Albuquerque Welcomes Me…WOW!

     I flew directly from San Diego to Albuquerque…from 2 weeks of amazing sights to a week of taking care of the storage issue and trying to see a few friends…so, I thought!!!!      My week in Abq turned out to be much more than I could have anticipated!  First, my rental car experience was perfect!  I performed amazing feats repacking my stuff into a smaller unit! Next, my friend Christine and her hubby welcomed me into their home for the entire duration of my stay.  Thank you guys…it was wonderful hanging out with you!  Our talks, laughs,Read More

San Diego – Arrivederci

     I woke up early so I would have time to finalize my packing, have breakfast, and say my thank you’s and good-bye’s.  Meg, Rachel and Julie…thank you for managing a ‘home away from home’ for so many!  Thanks to all those volunteers who joyfully kept the hostel clean, notices current, and tummies full!      Speaking of tummies full…the chef extraordinaire of the day was Andrea.  Bright Spot – Andrea is part of the staff at the ITH Zoo Hostel.  He is from Italy and is a master of the romance languages.  He doesn’t drink or smoke becauseRead More

San Diego – My Last Full Day – Balboa Park Gardens

     My last day in San Diego was great!  I had breakfast with a very eclectic woman from the hostel. She has a warm, bubbly personality and quite a contagious laughter.  Bright Spot – Claire is a Feng Shui master and transformational life coach.  She is an artist, writer, and web designer.  Perhaps a better overall description of Claire would be “Renaissance Woman”!   She has authored a book called From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy and Radiant.  Her life purpose is to teach from personal experience.  Stepping fully into thatRead More

San Diego – Fun with Marie

     My friend Marie who has been working in the Mohave Desert at the 20 Palms Marine Corp training center for the past several months drove up to San Diego to hang out for the weekend.   It was great!  We had a fabulous time…as always when we get together!  After settling in on Friday evening, we just chilled so we’d be ready for a jam-packed day of fun on Saturday.  We grabbed breakfast at the Fig Tree Cafe on our way to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market.  At this one spot, the water was coming ashore from opposite directionsRead More

San Diego – La Jolla Cove

     On my own today…where shall I go?  To La Jolla Cove!!!!   I got a brief taste of La Jolla when Martha took Sharon and me for a guided tour when we first arrived.  I’ve been wanting to return ever since.  So around noon, I hopped on a couple busses and Voila!  It was a little overcast and warm. I stopped at a little café, Cody’s, for lunch!  It rested atop a hill where the shops ended and nature began…overlooking the park and the ocean. Embossed metal…cool ! Love the water bottle Doggie menu!!!         Having misunderstoodRead More

San Diego – Sharon’s Last Morning / Brief Encounter

     Sharon and I went to breakfast before she left for the airport to return to the east coast!  I have to say that the presentation of the meals we have had has been nothing short of amazing!   This place was no exception! GLUTEN-FREE Raisin French toast!Yippee!!!! Breakfast Sushi      We hung out a little and off she went…it was sad to see her go, but I’ll cherish the memories and pictures of the spectacular time we had here in San Diego! I decided to stroll around the Hillcrest area to get my bearings again since my navigatorRead More

San Diego-WOW Watching-Day 8

    Walkway along the marina where the tour began I LOVE palm trees! Hooray, we’re here! Sharon!  Don’t do it! LOL Marina Our welcoming committee posing for pix!  As many wonderful things as I have experienced to date while in San Diego, this was the most spectacular display of nature’s glory and perhaps the most memorable!  I am referring to the whale watching tour we went on.  Soon after we cleared the channel, we spotted a few gray whales.  There were quite a few “air sprays” signifying a whale’s location, but only twice did the actual long gray bodyRead More