AK – Musk Ox, Reindeer AND Stuffed Bananas

  Add caption Add caption What a full and fun day we spent in the city of Palmer.  The museum was part of the Midsummer Faire, so after Carl drove the Dodge touring car to the faire site, we helped Sherry set up.  Off we went with Joe and Joy to check out the two animal farms in the area…musk ox and reindeer!  We had seen a few reindeer during the Colony Days in Palmer, but I wanted MORE…lol  Not only did I see more, but I learned a lot more.  The reindeer grow a full set of very heavyRead More


  I have been way too focused on getting my blog posts entered before I get too backed up and my Bright Spots have been building up!   So, my wonderful Bright Spot friends, please forgive the delay!!! Bright Spot – Kymber, our bubbly waitress at Denny’s in Salina, UT shared that she had totally let go of some old ways that no longer served her and is now celebrating and embracing the new!  Her living space is looking amazing and she is ready to experience all the wonderful possibilities that are available to her from this moment forward.  Kybmer,Read More

AK – Wilderness Jet Boat Tour and Historic Talkeetna

     Talkeetna, about 1.5 hours north of where we are staying, was where we caught the Jet Boat.  It rained some on and off during our ride but it didn’t interfere too much with our experience and the boat had a closed cabin with huge sliding plexi-glass windows.  Denali wasn’t visible, but I know we will see it eventually! Rafting tour we passed on the river… looks a bit crowded to me…lol Our Jet Boat Just awesome flowers in the sky Our captain, Tommy The tour covered an area where three rivers converge…the Talkeetna, the Susitna and the Chulitna…allRead More

AK – 4th of July Parade – What A Blast!!!

  I haven’t been in a 4th of July parade since I was 12 years old…not doing the math…lol  When Sherry asked us volunteers if we wanted to dress up and/or drive one of the museum vehicles…our eyes lit up…for different reasons!!!  I couldn’t wait to rummage through the closet filled with costumes from back in the day and Carl was chomping at the bit just thinking of getting the 1923 Dodge Brothers touring car on the road! “Well, what do you think?” Hooray!!!  It’s running!  Smoke and all!Go Carl!  You did it! Adding a little pizazz to the floatRead More

AK – Eagle Hunt

   There are many places in Alaska that we’ve been told you can spot eagles.  So far, we have not had much luck.  We did get wind that you can sometimes see them at the landfill looking for snacks! LOL However, you can’t get close enough to see them without binocs.  A local told us about a hiking trail nearby.  So off we went.  We climbed up several high hills yet we were still quite a distance from the landfill.  We did see probably 100 pigeons, a few blackbirds AND maybe 6 eagles.  With binocs we could see 3 matureRead More

AK – 4×4 Obstacle Course Competition and A Day in Anchorage

     MATI, Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry (where we are working and living) has special events take place on their property throughout the summer on weekends.  At first, I wasn’t sure about hanging around for the 4×4 competition, but once I saw the first vehicle get stuck in the mud, I was hooked…LOL  The design on some of them was ingenious.  One in particular had a small cab with a bed a bit shorter that swiveled at least 90* to accommodate the course requirements.  WOW!  It was soooo cool!  Only 2 of maybe 15 vehicles made it throughRead More