Welcome to the World!

The babies are here…The babies are here! A couple weeks ago, I posted a series of pictures about the ‘watching’ of the bald eagle eggs that were laid on Valentine’s Day!.  Well, those precious eggs have hatched (one the 22nd and the other a couple days later) and new to this world are two more magnificent bald eagles!  Observing the parents feeding their babies has been delightful!  Though I can’t post the vids, I was able to capture a few still shots to share.  All you need to do to see the live cam though is to Google ‘live eagleRead More

FL – St. Augustine – Hog Heaven Ride

     Carol was sweet enough to lend Chris to me for a few hours in the morning on Sunday…lol!  He and I climbed aboard his gorgeous 850 lb. Harley-Davidson with the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum as our destination!  Chris and me ready to ride! The lighthouse      I can hardly describe how much fun that was for me!  I’m used to my tiny scooter where I have to be totally focused every second and get only snippets of scenery as I drive along.  This time I was able to sit back and relax and catch every wonderfulRead More

FL – St. Augustine – I HAVE Arrived

         I arrived at my cousin Chris’s house around 2:30 ish on Friday.  It was so great to see him again!  We figured that it just may have been 47 years since we were together!  We were 12 and 14!  When we saw each other though, it was like we had never been apart!      He and I and his wife Carol talked and talked and laughed for hours!  Then we all jumped in Chris’s truck and went to Food Truck Friday to get some grub!  Several food trucks were lined up on the lot byRead More

GA – Savannah – Farewell for Now

     My plan for Wednesday was to visit a state park and another plantation.  I woke up, took a walk, ate breakfast and just didn’t feel like going out.  So, I hung around the campground.  I figured I’d go Thursday.        Well, Thursday brought with it a day full of rain!!!  Plan “B” commenced!  I broke down camp and headed to the mall for a long over-do pedicure!   It was still early and most store gates were down, so I toured the mall leisurely.  Just about 10:00, I happened by an interesting place called “Nuts About Savannah” whereRead More

GA – Parade Day Arrives

  Kilts and bagpipes! Dignitaries, children and random guyswith humongous beads around their neck! Budweiser and the Clydesdales! Awesome dudes with spectacular hats!!! Outrageous characters!    Parade day finally!!!  Walking from the shuttle to my bleacher seat was an amazing sea of green…50 shades of green at least…LOL  Babies, children, teens, adults, pets…a beautiful array of race, gender and nationality could be seen with a slight turn of the head!  Everybody is IRISH on St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah!  It was great! A smile of… …being appreciated  The most memorable parts of the parade for me were: 1 – theRead More

GA – Savannah in St. Patrick’s Day Mode

A wonderful program…apparently this isnot the FIRST such event in Savannah! Fun take-off on the Dr. Seuss…Thing 1 and Thing 2I saw several groups wearing these! Green is the only logical choice!!! LOL Yummy!  Do you know thatthey had carob treats for dogs,but not for people…bummer! This place had only ‘old school’ stuff The streets all looked cool like this “Free beads with purchase”They were ALL green when I got them! The missing green on some of the beads…ON MY NECK!!!!!  I drove into downtown Savannah on the Breeze to check out the area and get a sense of whereRead More

SC – The Center for Birds of Prey

     The Center for Birds of Prey was spectacular.  What they are doing is nothing short of miraculous.  Approximately 500 birds are brought to their medical facility each year that have been injured.  Some typical injuries include vehicle collision, electric pole burns and even shootings!  Sad.  Trained Harris hawk Gorgeous wing colors Flight demo Peregrine “wanderer” falconCan travel up to 200mphSteep swift divers A 7 year old boy was asked to run witha fake bunny attached to a string in hopesthat we could watch a hawk swoop downto get it…it WORKED!!!  Brave kid!  hawk Black vulture…when they find aRead More

SC – Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

I fired up the scooter and went out for the day to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens…a step back in time to the pre/post Civil War days.  Too much history to include here.  It was enlightening to say the least.  The grounds were lovely…sooo southern!  The plantation house The bus tour included the grounds, the house, the Citadel (military college) and the historic downtown areas…the open ‘train’ tour ventured into the swamp land of alligators and the walking tour covered the old rice fields and the petting zoo where many of the critters were just walking around with you.  It wasRead More

Out of the Mouths of Babes

My daughter just sent this to me.  My grandson, Cameron, wrote it.  He is 7 years old.  I thought it deserved a post of its own…as a Bright Spot!

SC – Lake Aire Campground

     I finally got on the road Friday and arrived in Charleston, SC Saturday evening.  It felt so good to be back on the road!  I missed my cramped quarters and cold water dish washing…lol.   Who knew this unusual lifestyle would suit me so well?! Not sure what this is, but it’s awesome!!! There it goes……      I went on a hike through the grounds and around the lake…so beautiful!  It felt like I was far away in the wilderness with all the trees and brush and that ‘spooky’ southern feel.  There were small swampy areas all alongRead More