San Diego-Spreckels Open Air Organ-Day 6

                           When doing my research on what to do in San Diego, I ran across something about a free organ concert in Balboa Park.  Sharon was doing a bit of her own checking and thought it sounded interesting as well.  So we decided to venture to the park and see what it was all about. When we arrived at this gorgeous OUTDOOR venue, we were both quite surprised!!!  The Italian-Renaissance architecture was breath-taking and there on the open stage sat an organ!   This organ  built in 1914 isRead More

San Diego-Taste, Cook, Dance, Sleep-Day 5

Soooo, I totally skipped over 2 full days!  Did you notice?  LOL      Let’s back up to Saturday the 24th…Day 5!    Rumor had it that there was a fabulous farmer’s market nearby.  That perked up our ears as we both love open markets!  Once again San Diego’s fine transit system delivered us quickly and safely to our destination…Little Italy-San Diego style!  Fresh foods, fragrant flowers, fine crafts, funky clothes and much more were waiting for us as we began our 5 block excursion.   Most vendors offered tasters of their most cherished edibles!  YUMMMMM-MY!  From nuts to ceviche, we nibbledRead More

San Diego-Balboa Park-Botanical Garden-Day 7 Part 2

Hummingbird What a team!!! The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar Hummingbird Preparing to get all wrapped up! Crysalis Click to get a better view of the hummingbird right in front     There is not much that words could do to accentuate what our eyes beheld and our noses tingled over!  So this post will be primarily visual…feel free to express your own ooohs and aaahs as you scroll.  All I can say is that we were virtually speechless throughout our walk…but our heads were swiveling from side to side in awe!  Enjoy! Oh…if I’ve inadvertently duplicated any shot…..well… you’re welcome!  LOLRead More

San Diego-Balboa Park-The Museum of Man-Day 7

     Another gorgeous day in San Diego!  Off we went to explore more of Balboa Park! The miles we’ve covered in the last several days…whew…go LEGS!!!        Museum of Man Entrance The Museum of Man building consists of multiple architectural designs!  Its dome and tower can be seen from quite a distance and are the landmarks welcoming visitors to Balboa Park.  Within the walls of this eclectic structure are a variety of exhibits.      My favorite was Dr. Seuss!  It drew you in and evoked a childlike enthusiasm with its colors and familiar figures that engagedRead More

San Diego-Coronado Beach-Day 4

     We had a very leisurely morning…especially me!  This got us off to a bit later start than originally planned, but as always, it all worked out!  Oh, then we decided to go out for breakfast!  That in itself was worth the delay to the beach!  SURREAL… is what I have to say about our breakfast experience at “Hash House a Go Go” Restaurant just a few blocks away!  pot roast, eggs, asparagus, provolone…amazing!!!! I’m not sure which was more impressive…the quality of food, the presentation or the quick service!  Everything about dining there was perfect!  The plate wasRead More

San Diego-The Zoo-Day 3

     WOW!  We left on foot about 9:00 to Balboa Park where the famous San Diego Zoo is situated!  We continued on foot through 5:00 and about 22,000 steps later we were on our way back!  In the meantime we had a fabulous experience!  We hopped on the shuttle to get an overview of the zoo and a feel for which exhibits we really wanted to see.  Bird of Paradise Entrance It’s a willow!!! Look through the eye piece at the flower arrangement and spin the dish…voila! A live kaleidoscope Aloe plants with a bloom that resembles a swanRead More

San Diego-Private Tour-Day 2

     Our first full day in San Diego was wonderful!  Sharon’s friend, Martha picked us up in her BMW convertible (so fun) and took us on a personal tour of the area!   First, she took us to Balboa Park and familiarized us with the entrance so tomorrow we will have a head start on our visit to the zoo.  The architecture is unbelievable the park could have its own zip code!        Then we drove up the coast to La Jolla, an absolutely spectacular town where there are million dollar homes and scenery to take your breathRead More

San Diego-Arrival at our Temporary Home

     We have arrived!  And we’ve been retro-ed into the 70’s!!!  We are staying at the International Traveler’s Zoo Hostel in San Diego!  After a brief period of adjustment, we embraced the entire experience!  We were greeted by 2 young men…one from Italy and one from Brazil…how cool was that?! Our bedroom Sharon determined to keepour “jewels” safe…LOL Library Welcome desk Game and TV room off the kitchen Whatever shall I wear?!      We were escorted to our room and given the tour!  Each one we met was fabulously welcoming and helpful!  This is going to be aRead More

San Diego Bound…A Surprise

      Sunset from the plane  What an amazing flight experience!  The smoothest, quickest 6 hours I’ve ever spent in the air! Sharon and I boarded our Southwest plane and got situated easily.      Bright Spot – After the drill, our little area was inspired and entertained by the most incredible young man.   He shared stories, offered bits of wisdom and made us all laugh!  He was one of the attendants and extraordinary indeed!  Sharon (my friend for the moment…lol) shared that I just had a birthday!  He wished me well…and it got wilder from then on!!!  HeRead More

The Perfect Birthday Gift

Happy 60th Birthday to Me!!!!  Last Saturday, I turned 60 years old!  Unbelievable and spectacular!  My wonderful sister and my three sneaky children conspired to surprise me with a trip to a local photography studio to have our family picture taken.  About 150 clicks later and a blast of an evening, we left with the shots on CD.  I could not have asked for a better, more thoughtful present!  Here are a few samples of us! Guess who? My 3 sillies! ALL of us! Major smooches Amy and my sister Tanya Megan and mydaughter Rachel Adam and my son MatthewRead More