Pensacola, FL – Thanksgiving Feast to Honor Marines

    The marines stationed in Pensacola My dish for them Love kabobs…heart-shaped strawberries, mini marshmallows and blueberries This post is dedicated to the young Marines that are becoming their absolute best…by personal choice!  Marines that took time out on this blessed day to join us at Pensacola RV Park in a celebration of gratitude.  I will allow the pictures and the remarks from the several Marines (Bright Spots) that I had the privilege to spend a little time with speak for themselves about what today was like for all of us!      First, though, I would like toRead More

Pensacola, FL-Pensacola Beach

     After I left the museum the other day, I drove to one of the beaches here.  I was ready for lunch and CRABS was recommended to me by the woman in the Pensacola Visitors Center.  Well, she did a great job with that one!  The food was wonderful, the people friendly, the outer patio was right on the white sandy beach that slipped right into the Gulf of Mexico!!!  Not to mention they were playing fabulous beachy songs!!!  I had time while waiting for my meal to walk along the beach and found several pieces of sand dollars…soRead More

Pensacola, FL-Naval Aviation Museum

    A few days ago, I went to the museum to see the Blue Angel planes because they train here and I always thought their air tricks were amazing.  I left with a whole new respect and compassion for families of wartime.  Seeing the models of ships and planes and reading about their contribution to various wars, seeing pictures of those who served during wartime and wreckages found on the floor of  Lake Michigan….somehow shifted me inside. Top Gun  I never appreciated history of any kind in school.  I found it boring and unnecessary…certainly not pertinent to my life.Read More

Finally in Florida

    The last leg to Florida was a bit long but very smooth.  One of the coolest sights I came across was fields and fields of COTTON!  Beyond the rows along the road, you could see bright strips of whiteness…it was amazing.      I arrived in Pensacola in the NW panhandle of Florida Saturday early evening.  Since it was nearly dark, Wendall, the owner of the campground, lead me to my site and guided me in…so nice of him! It was gonna be chilly overnight, so I ate dinner and got ready to be cozy…hot tea and aRead More

Pitstop Three on My Way to Florida…GA

  Wow!  Stone Mountain, GA will be seeing me again for an extended stay for sure!!!  Arriving at a sleepover in the dark is usually not preferable, but in this case it was fabulous!  Stone Mtn. State Park was lit up for Christmas big time…just gorgeous!    Backing into my site was a bit tricky, but we did it…after about a dozen jumps in and out of Van-Go with a flashlight to check…LOL   I chilled that evening reading about all the wonderful events that happen all through the year at this park that I’d love to participate in onRead More

Pitstop Two on My Way to Florida…NC

  My drive to Deep River Campground in Asheboro, NC was smooth.  I actually arrived in the daylight…yippee!  Of course, I gravitated immediately to THEIR much smaller, yet lovely lake!  I plopped right onto the double swing and swung for two and a half hours smiling as the night sky slowly rolled in.  I fixed dinner, watched a movie and read until I fell out! 3:30 PM lake view Early dinner for the feathered guests 5:00 PM lake view   Shortly before heading out the following morning, Bright Spot – a very nice man approached me from the next site and askedRead More

Pitstop One On My Way to Florida…VA

   I am in Pensacola, FL at an RV Park for 2 weeks.  I arrived last night and I’ll be playing catch up today regarding my travels to get here.    So, stop #1 was Thousand Trails in Goucester, VA just to spend the night.  When I arrived it was already dark.  The dawn brought with it a gloriously foggy lake!   I packed up Van-Go and drove close to the lake and parked temporarily in a vacant site.  There were lounge chairs so I got comfy and watched my surroundings transform for over an hour. No island Crossing theRead More

Family Fun in MD

  The last few nights in Maryland were filled with love and laughter!  I spent the night at each of my kids’ homes and my sister’s before embarking on my journey south to Florida for 5 weeks.  A few highlights are pictured below.  I love my family..they give me so many reasons to smile! Baltimore City during afull moon on our walkto a late dinner “Fire & Ice” at TenTen RestaurantI dared not touch THAT!!! My son, Matthew and granddog, Canon, making a new friend on our morning walk. My silly sister, Tanya, showing off her new 32″ tire bicycle…it’s amazing!!! My daughter,Read More

Afternoon at Assateague Island

    Today turned out to be spectacular weather wise…and otherwise!  Sharon and I drove to Assateague, MD in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the wild ponies! Not only did we get a glimpse, but we practically walked among them.  It was wonderful!  Most of them were quite large.  Many were fuzzy as opposed to having the smooth shiny coats I’m accustomed to seeing.  They were serene, appearing quite tolerant of their uninvited guests.  In fact, the half dozen or so were grazing on the tall grasses of the dunes at South Ocean Beach and completely undeterred byRead More

Henlopen State Park – DE

    Friday, the 31st, we went exploring in Henlopen State Park!  We climbed a WWII observation tower within the parameters of Fort Miles Historic Area.  The view was fabulous…I love being above the treeline.  The Seaside Nature Center housed displays of many lifeforms that inhabit the area.  My favorite was the skin shed by a Hognose snake…I took a pic!  Releasing all old “stuff” that doesn’t serve a creature anymore….what a delightful concept!  Another good example set for us by nature.  🙂     A Touch of Italy Restaurant fed us quite well after a day of hiking…yum yum!Read More