Bald Eaglets – 5 Weeks Old

        “Oh…how they’ve grown”!!! – feathers, folded wings, wobbly legs and big ‘ole feet!!!  The picture quality is not fabulous this round, but you’ll get a decent idea of what is going on.  I find it extremely interesting that the siblings seem to have very different temperaments and personalities at this young age.  There’s the hungry, bold, ‘me first’ one and then there’s the hungry, laid back, ‘I’ll watch and wait my turn…..until I can’t take it anymore, then I’m going in’ one…LOL Your brother is awake and stretchinghis wings. You sure are hungry this morning! Eat,Read More

Short Story – A Perfect Mistake

     I mentioned in my previous post that not much was happening…well, I’m hereby retracting that statement.  I am writing again and that, for me, is a big ‘happening’!  I guess my thought was that the things that were happening BEFORE the accident are not happening much now!  The journey is definitely still on!  I’m currently on a different road than originally planned; however, the ADVENTURE continues!  I thought I would include a writing or so of mine as part of the blog…given the fact that that IS what’s going on!      There is a quarterly contest forRead More

FL-Boo-Boo Update and Spring Craft Festival

***Not a WHOLE lot happening, but what IS happening is good!       I got a great report from the orthopedic surgeon regarding my foot.  She said it’s healing well and has remained in a perfect position for bonding.  I learned that the heel bone is one of those really important bones that takes quite a while to heal completely.  So…the timeline caught me off guard a bit….approximately 2 more months with boot and no pressure on foot (sitting a lot) then a month or so to get the whole walking thing down again (with boot in house, withRead More

FL – Sunset on Tax Day

     It’s been a weird few days! I gotta say though for the most part I’ve been feeling and doing terrific since the accident.  But this week so far my state of mind and overall mood has been immensely labile!!!   I can’t even remember the last time I was so “roller coaster-ish”.  Not fun at all!  Naps have helped!!!      I am grateful.  I am angry. I am puzzled out!  I fall asleep when I try to read.  There is absolutely NOTHING on TV.  I keep banging my foot into things.  Food is boring!  Every single thing IRead More


       Since my accident,  I have been thinking a lot about living and life because I could have lost mine that afternoon.  I have thought about what has brought me to this point in my life and what means the most to me and one of them is friendship.      Friends are such an important part of our lives.  We look up to our friends and respect them.  We want them to be happy.  We really like them.  We love interacting with them either in person or across the Web.  We trust them. We love to makeRead More

FL-Spring Fairy Fest in St. Petersburg…On 1 Foot…LOL

     My first REAL outing on the knee walker!  Hooray…I’m sorta mobile! Walker arrived on Thursday!!! This morning Marie and I went to the Spring Fairy Festival in St. Pete’s and it was great!  I got around pretty darn good.  Of course, the sidewalk was so much more fun than the grass and dirt…BUT it was all doable!      Kids, adults and pets were donned with feathers, butterflies, ribbons, wings and pointy ears!!!  It reminded me of the Renaissance Festivals I’ve gone to in the past where I usually dressed the part of a wench….lots of fun!  MarieRead More

FL – Bright Spot – Ortho Office Staff

       I missed a post!!!!!  Five days after my accident was my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  Even though I had to wait quite awhile past my appt. time to get called back…once I did, things could not have gone any better!  Bright Spot – Every person that I saw was personable, funny, knowledgeable and compassionate! Dr. Scott McGinley was great.  After we chatted for a few minutes, he said he had an idea that I was NOT going to be a well behaved patient!  His wife is Italian too!  The voice of experience…lol Lisa, who fitted meRead More

FL – A Day of Miracles – Easter

     Easter Sunday morning Marie, her cousin Sue and I went to the beach for a few hours.  The weather was absolutely perfect!!!  While Marie and Sue hauled all the equipment and set it up, I hobbled much further down the beach than before!  It was great…nothing short of a miracle!  Funny how we take simple things for granted when all is well.  For example, walking…to walk on the sand with crutches, I have to place each crutch into the sand down as far as it will go, make sure my shoulders and hand grips are in place, leanRead More

FL- Detour Week 1 at Marie’s

Modifications & Accommodations Week      So, Marie and I are busy making the necessary adjustments of her having a temporary live-in incapacitated friend and me being here in a totally different way than was originally planned.  Plan A was to come here and go to the beach every day, travel south to the Everglades and Key West together, etc., etc!  Well, we ARE making memories….that’s for sure!  LOL Awesome boot, huh? Van-Go and the ‘Breeze” at their temporaryresidence.        My tub seat, hand rail, and extended shower head arrived yesterday to accommodate my new requirements for showering…omg! Read More

FL – Happy April…The Following is NOT an April Fool’s Prank…LOL

     Once upon a time, an otherwise intelligent woman exercised a rather silly non-thought-out move and wiped up the asphalt with parts of her body!  YES…I attempted to scratch my right ear with my left hand while riding my scooter at 35 mph.  All the questions you are asking yourself about that decision of mine, I have already asked myself and I can save you some time and energy…there is no reasonable answer!       Given the fact that I lost control of the bike, wobbled for who knows how long while I tried and landed in the opposingRead More