ABQ Botanical Gardens with Christopher

Another fun outing to get some exercise with Christopher.  Most of the gorgeous flowers were found in the hot house.  It is too early in the season for the outside blossoms to have come alive!  But I WILL go back in June for the blasts of color that surround visitors all summer long!  By then, hopefully the Butterfly House and the penguin and otter enclosures will also be ready!

2018-Hiking in the Sandia Mountains

Though throughout my travels I have done quite a bit of hiking, there is something special about the Sandias.  No matter what trail you take, a beautiful view of the mountains and the city and desert are available to feast your eyes on!          

MD – Winter Sunrise on the Susquehanna River

While I was back East visiting family and friends, I made my way up to Havre de Grace on a day that the wind was at a minimum.  It was pretty chilly, but the quiet, serene atmosphere and the new day breaking almost brought a warmth to the entire area..except my nose, of course…lol I used to live there and I sorely miss the river…the Susquehanna!  On this morning, I couldn’t seem to get myRead More

First Annual Chinese Lantern Festival in ABQ

A brand new event occurred in ABQ this year ….the Chinese Lantern Festival.  It was delightful.  There was an amazing display of culture, ethnic food available and hot cocoa to take the chill off.  It was sooooo cold that night!  In addition to the stationary colorful visual displays, there was an hour long live performance of dance and unbelievable acrobatics.  I was absolutely impressed with not only the skill involved, but the joy with which theRead More

Thanksgiving – Not Just One Day…Not Just One Way

Thank you, Mary Morrissey for sharing this with us… ***I am sorry the beautiful pictures did not show up.  I will attempt to attach the link at the end…maybe they will show up from there! Happy Thanksgiving! Here are 5 Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude to Make Your Holiday Season Brighter NOVEMBER 23, 2017 American Thanksgiving is a time to be mindful of what we are grateful for, and ideally, to share this with others! But theRead More

ABQ – 2017 – Balloon Fiesta

Woohoo!!!  The balloons are back!  Or should I say, WERE back!  Balloon Fiesta was a few weeks ago and it was just as amazing as I remember it from 4 years ago!  Yes, I still felt like a kid when I got onto the field.  How could anyone not?!  Christopher went with me this year and we stayed from 7:00am to 9:00pm!  We watched the mass ascension, chainsaw carvers, and the Music Fiesta included BillyRead More

ABQ 2017 – WOW! “The Third Time’s a Charm”

Sooo, has anyone ever heard that expression?!  Well, I’m banking on it…LOL       After being in my current apartment for 4 months, I am transferring to yet another one…YIKES!  THIS move, despite the extra fees for moving within a 6 month period, is going to be a spectacular one!!!  You see, when I was here in ABQ in April, the model I saw was a second floor top unit with vaulted ceilings and aRead More

ABQ 2017 – Fun at the Zoo with a Friend

   Christopher and I go way back…lol  When I lived here from 2010-2014, I tutored him.  I’m back and I am TRYING to tutor him again…Algebra II   Geez!!!  He is the grandson of a dear friend of mine, Jean.  Well, one day a couple weeks ago in the middle of tutoring, Christopher got the idea that we should go to the Zoo!  Soooo, we DID!  And we had a fabulous time…we will have toRead More

ABQ 2017- My New Digs…A Month…or so… in the Creating

   Wow!  I am finally settled in here in Albuquerque after two moves in 12 days!!!  It has taken a month, but there are absolutely NO boxes anywhere, I have plants that are happily trying to stay alive, and I know where everything is!!!  Yippee!  Woohoo!  Before I continue, I’d like to express my appreciation to those friends of mine from near and far that have supported me in this move in ways so amazingRead More

Cam and Gram….AND MOMMY and Aunt Terri

     It was hard to believe that the little man would not be here in a couple days.  The 33 days we hung out was quite an adventure in many ways!  We got to know each other and had a ton of fun in the process!     Mommy’s here…. Mommy’s here!!! Nicole and Cam’s Aunt Terri arrived early evening on a Monday after a 28+ hour drive across the country.  To say thatRead More

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