I’m Open to the Surprise

    Sunday was a drive all day and I’ll see whatever I see kinda day!  The weather was amazing and I decided to just enjoy it without any set plans except to head north into Vermont where I’d stay 3 nights at a peaceful RV resort before reaching my Maine destination to visit Melanie.     And so it was.  Most of my route was on non-interstates….always more fun!!!  I did run into a traffic back up after I moseyed through the Green Mountains of Vermont (I experienced my first “hair-pin” turn….woo baby…talk about white knuckling the steering wheel!)Read More

It Was “Perfect” Afterall

  Did you ever notice that “perfect” isn’t always recognizable in the moment???  The first 2  days back on the road were filled with such events.  Thursday morning my sister and I spent the better part of the early day in a PET ER because a sweet little dog was feeling under the weather big time!  Aside from the great fun my sister and I had being silly and such during the whole thing, it appeared to create somewhat of a setback in plans.  Nonetheless, I continued on adjusting as I went.  My next stop caused yet another unexpected delayRead More

The “Breeze” is Ready for the Road

  My scooter, a Bintelli “Breeze” has been sitting around mostly just waiting to have some fun for the past 2.5 months!  Having not been driven, it was struggling a little getting and staying started…not good!  So yesterday, I took her back to the dealer, College Park Scooters and Cycles.  There, Navid, the owner, primed that throttle and gave her a good long opportunity to clear out any carburetor clog from inactivity and sure enough, Breeze was happy and humming again!  Thanks bunches for the magic touch! This puppy was barely able to reach my knee a few months ago!Read More

Matthew’s 33rd Birthday Fun…Take 3

  My first born, Matthew turned 33 on September 7th!  Since then we have attempted to go to the Inner Harbor here in Baltimore to ride the illustrious “Chessie” paddle boats on a number of occasions…without success.  So, we checked online to see what the off-season hours were and made a plan for this past Monday to finally “do it”!  Little did we know, the hours til 6PM referred to weekends ONLY…OMG!  Bummed but determined to have fun anyway, we opted for a boat ride to Fell’s Point for a drink and snack, then to Harbor East for a…..drink andRead More

Today’s the Day…On the Road Again

  Wow…I can’t express how excited I am to be packing up and heading out today!  Seven days through New England to see a few hot spots and the beautiful Fall foliage in its myriad of colors as I make my way to Madison, ME to hang out with my old ‘roomie’ from New Mexico…Melanie.  I know we will have a fabulous time catching up and ‘touring’!  Can’t wait to see her adorable house in the ‘woods’.     Last weekend I spent a couple of days with my high school bud, Sharon at her place in Bethany, DE.  HerRead More

Light at the End of the Tunnel

   One week and counting…will be heading to Maine! I’m starting with a Bright Spot because I KNOW Venise and Jill have been wondering what happened to me…LOL  I was at the beach in Cape May, NJ last weekend getting something out of Van-Go and met 2 wonderful and fun women…teachers!!!  Jill shared how incredibly grateful she is for her strong faith, her awesome husband Dan and her dream come true…her horse farm called Raise Your Dream. She is a special education teacher! Venise and Jill Her friend, Venise is also a teacher.  She teaches English and her class hadRead More

Adventure Update

   So the following list is a highlighted version of the last 12 days here in MD: 1-my 2 daughters, their significant others, my grandson and I participated in the ALS ice challenge…Burrrr! 2-all kinds of technical issues with camera, cords and connections 3-Van-Go had to get plugged into my daughter’s house for 4 hours to recharge the cabin battery 4-Rachel and I spent 4+ hours in the ER at Harford Memorial Hospital due to the severe sharp shooting pains in my lower right side…turned out to be a doozy of a UTI…got antibiotics and I’m on the mend 5-missedRead More