NM – ABQ Bright Spots Extraordinaire

  While I was laying low in Albuquerque, I DID have the opportunity to talk to a few wonderful people. BRIGHT SPOT –  Brad and Jane are relatively new friends of mine.  I know them through a mutual friend.  I never knew what they did though.  We had an opportunity to chat a little one day and I was so excited about what their service is, I had to share.  Basically, they assist elderly folks transition from their own personal homes to either Senior living facilities or to smaller residences/apartments. They actually find them a place according to their wantsRead More

New Mexico – April Off the Grid

     Sometimes a girl’s just gotta say, WHOA!  Three full years of full time travel, two weeks in Ecuador, two recent weeks with family…all spectacular…all pointing to a period of rest and reflection. Many times when I need answers to questions, important questions, I have been given answers. These answers have risen up from a beautiful, trustworthy yet oftentimes subtle place within me.   As long as I LISTEN, the guidance comes.  Well, as you might imagine, when there is a great deal of noise and activity, it can be difficult to hear the response you are seeking.  Read More