Out and About – A.M.

   FIRST….the engine light was on because of a loose gas cap!  Whew! After that great news, I strolled along the promenade at South Haven again for awhile since I was right there anyway.  Passed a couple beautiful wall murals…peoples’ talents never fail to amaze me!  Met a sweet elderly couple whose picture I took for them…they were so excited! Caught some seagulls having a late breakfast…and the remains!  Shot a tall ship coming into the harbor filled with silly middle school kids waving like crazy!  Oh, the memories! I thought this was cool Wall mural I took a shotRead More


  First thing this morning, I hiked to the dunes on the campground, found the highest one, climbed to the top and sat.  I sat very still and breathed.  I closed my eyes.  I let my mind wander.  It was wonderful. Then I had a big ‘ole juicy navel orange for snack and sat some more watching and listening to the sights and sounds of morning.    About an hour later,  I ran down the hill and made a sand angel…I felt like a  kid!  When I returned to Van-Go, it was time for breakfast…it was a bagel kinda morning…sesameRead More

Private Tour

  Wow, what a wonderful Bright Spot today….and it’s MINE!  I went to drop off a card to Ann and Mark and Mark offered to give me a ride into South Haven with him and Emma to show me around! Ann was going be taking Leah to soccer.  I was almost speechless right after I said, “Yeah, that would be great!  Thanks!”  Off we went in early afternoon!  Mark was a superb tour guide…I learned so much and Emma was delightful!  What a beautiful area it was!  The sky was exceptionally blue and clear and the varied architecture was visuallyRead More

Laid Back & Lovin’ It

  What a wonderfully lazy day!  Woke up to pouring rain…by 10:30 it was gorgeous out!  After a late breakfast, I rode my bike around the grounds for about 20 minutes!  And that was the last of the energy exertion for today!  I walked to the little lake on the grounds and read my book.  I walked back and had lunch.  I returned and read some more.  I had some fire wood brought to my site.  I started a fire and sat and watched it for awhile, dreaming.  Then I set up my hammock and swung for awhile sitting up,Read More

Two Weeks at Lake Michigan Starts Today

   Oh my, it has been interesting getting here!  I’m at Dune Lake Campground in Coloma, Michigan.  It was raining so hard this morning I was afraid to unplug my electric cable.   Had to wait 2 hours for a break in the downpour!    Did have a really nice breakfast at the happiest little place ever…Joy & Ed’s.  It was the kind of place where every person who ever comes in there is a local and discusses the issues that will be presented at the town meeting AND stares at anyone “foreign” that comes in…LOL  They didn’t stare long though.Read More

Waterfalls…Judi Falls…and More

   The rain ceased and the sun blasted through the clouds!!!  Yippee!  Off I went bright and early to find more falls and take another shot at spying the nest!!!  Success all around.  Four more waterfalls in gorgeous canyons AND I located the tree top where the bald eagles’ nest was situated.  The thing I didn’t know on Tuesday was that I was gonna need binoculars to see clear across the river!  Thanks again to my binocular benefactor….they did great!!!  I was able to see 2 bald eagles…one resting on the nest and the other perched on a branch besideRead More

Starved Rock State Park-Day 1

3 crazy nuts I met in Utica joining me on my journey Frank is going green…LOL Illinois & Missouri Canal I&M canal On porch of shoppeCarved out of wood Great Ice Cream Shoppe This sign is what made me get their ice creamRead the line just above AWARDS!!! Awesome  On Visitor center grounds Dinnertime at the visitor center Falls at French Canyon-Starved Rock River from Eagle Cliff Aerial view of river from Eagle Cliff platform Pathway in park Something to look forward to-Hmm-mmmm? Uh-oh!!! Drive in to the park Peek a boo tree trunk Poem written after 2 unsuccessful attemptsRead More

Positively Pampered Plus

  Yesterday, the 12th was a day of decadence for me and I loved it!  I had my nails done…fingers and toes!  And, actually, I sat right next to a Bright Spot while drying said nails!  Jan, my ‘drying neighbor’ has been out of work since October and her unemployment ran out on Friday. (happy news????)  Yes, because her son offered to let her stay with him, a friend gave her a tip on a job op over the weekend AND she had the interview TODAY!  Jan…I know you did great!    By then, it was time to get onRead More

Last Night in Paradise

    I’ve had a lovely Mother’s Day here in Paradise.  First, I heard from all 3 of my offspring, my sista, and quite a few friends!!!  Just goes to show, love has no geographical boundaries…contact someone you love that’s far away!    There was a complimentary breakfast today for moms and families.  It was great to see such a terrific turnout.  I rode my bike quite a bit today…had to burn off those 2 pancakes, ya know! LOL Now, the thunder is rolling like the hills in Illinois!  I’m thinking the rain is on its way.    While IRead More


   Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere especially my Bright Spot moms that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with on my journey so far!!!    Remember, moms…most of what we teach our children is by example.  So help them see their value by recognizing your own and encourage their dreams by honoring yours!  There IS enough love and time for you AND the kids! ***A special Happy Mother’s Day to Nicole…I know Cameron adores you and for good reason! ***Another special greeting to Rachel & Megan…Leon and Gia are very fortunate to have you for their moms!  TheirRead More