I have been way too focused on getting my blog posts entered before I get too backed up and my Bright Spots have been building up!   So, my wonderful Bright Spot friends, please forgive the delay!!!

Bright Spot – Kymber, our bubbly waitress at Denny’s in Salina, UT shared that she had totally let go of some old ways that no longer served her and is now celebrating and embracing the new!  Her living space is looking amazing and she is ready to experience all the wonderful possibilities that are available to her from this moment forward.  Kybmer, I have a feeling that those possibilities are endless, so be open to them all and remember that you always have choices!  Enjoy your new life!

Bright Spot – I have had the honor of meeting many wonderful people working here at the museum.  One such person was Larry from Pella, Iowa!  He makes wooden toys for children as do others affiliated with a special organization called “With Love” toy ministry.  The joy in his eyes and the smile on his face as he told me about his work let me know how important his contribution is and how much he loves it!   Thank you, Larry, from me and all the children whose lives you brighten with your love.

Bright Spot – Two fun-loving and adventurous people, Ski and Nila came through the museum on a day I was working…lucky for me!  They actually lived in Alaska for about 25 years awhile back. Currently, they reside in Tucson, AZ…missing their home here!  They were here visiting good friends from many years ago, getting out of the Arizona heat and doing some halibut fishing!!!  Ski told me a great story…years ago he wanted to go fishing one day on the Russian River and Nila decided to stay at home.  Well, while Ski was deciding where to set up the ole pole, he saw two other men fishing. One man caught a fish and within seconds a black bear happened along and grabbed it!
He cut the line so the bear could have full access to his snack!  Down went the fish!  And the bear set up temporary residence at the fishing hole!
Ski continued on to his chosen location and caught himself a few fish!  He returned to the ‘bear’ spot and asked the men how they were doing…GREAT…for the bear, they replied!  He has helped himself to about 9 now!  OMG – too funny!  What a fun couple!  They even gave me great fishing spot tips for Carl!  Thanks so much for coming in and sharing a bit of your time with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed your company!  You were both delightful!

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