I’m beginning with a beautiful Bright Spot today.  I met Barbara and Al at an IHOP (a different one than I had Googled, how interesting) on my way to Pine Mountain.  After I finished having brunch, a gentleman across the aisle asked about my foot.  I briefly shared the incident and then somehow I ended up sitting next to Barbara and having a wonderful chat.  These two amazing people have been married 55 years!  One heckuva bright spot in itself!  They also spend recoup time together in early June.  Right before Barbara was scheduled for a total knee replacement, Al fell off a ladder and fractured his fibula and was put in a cast.  It’s a special relationship that survives double boo-boos!!!  Al shared that their true bright spot has been their daughter Allison, 45.  After a pretty rough period a few years back, she not only has returned to the church, but recently started to facilitate a Sunday school program for girls ages 12-18!  With her encouragement, these girls decorated their special room beautifully all on their own.  Allison’s bright spot is that last Sunday, one of the young women in her group was Baptized.  Blessings to Allison and her group.  May they continue to grown in grace.  And Barbara, thank you so much for offering to help me out.  It was delightful spending a moment in time together with you and Al!

My Bright Spot-the staff at Pine Mountain RV Resort

There are always many campgrounds and resorts to choose from
when you want to get away.  However, it a
rare find when you discover a “home away from home” kind of
place.  That is what Pine Mountain RV
Resort is!
First let me say their amenities are abundant:
*large pool, hot tub and kid’s pool
*fitness center
*well-stocked store
*fire pits
*trash pick-up at sites
*playground where even grown-ups can swing
*laundry facilities
*steam shower
*dependable and free Wi-fi
*3 sizes of cabins
*RV sites…roomy and accommodating
than that is the welcoming atmosphere that clearly says, “You are important to us.  We are so glad you came by.  What can we do to make your stay memorable?”
     The grounds are meticulous
and the team…or should I say, family…is second to none.  I’ve been traveling around the country for
nearly a year and a half full time and the Pine Mountain RV Resort family has
my #1 vote!!!  Still walking with a
crutch and swollen foot from an accident in March, I was concerned about
whether I’d be okay to get back on the road. 
I have been cared for like family here dismissing all my worries. 

     Amanda, the
General Manager, tops the list of angels that have been looking out for me. She
has been wonderful in so many ways including offering to rearrange and move
furniture to accommodate my need for a work station with my leg elevated.  Brenda brought me chips and salsa during my
marathon work period.  Denise was always
willing to answer any questions I had. 
Dee chatted with me when I went into the store.  Jake and his family came to my rescue the
first night when I arrived late and I realized my site was too far from the
‘action’ and he took the time to find me a spot right next to everything!  Brett offered me a ride in his cart and made
the smoke detector stop beeping!  Michael
drove me to my site from the lounge when the rain was promising to drop any
minute.  Ms. Betty and Tasha also offered
me a ride.  Tasha hung on the back of the
cart standing so I could sit!  They made
room for my heavy backpack and my laundry bag, too.  Then, there is Dennis, who passes by like
lightening to begin his day totally task focused!  If I have forgotten anyone, please allow me to
say “Thank you” for being part of such an incredible family.  I have been adopted by them all as they have
been by me.  I will surely return next
time I’m anywhere near here!!!
***Can you believe that I didn’t take a single picture…oops!  I, like Dennis, have been totally task focused with my course!  Next post, I’ll make up for it…LOL
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