Sometimes there are towns that may not be as popular or well-known as some others.   But just like local ‘dives’ (restaurants), sometimes they are a delightfully pleasant surprise!  I found this to be true about Columbus.  Enjoy my “Surprises Gallery.”

The dome atop the historic courthouse

OMG…I can’t remember what this building
is…geezy-peezy…but it’s one of the many
historic buildings and it’s pretty awesome looking…oh, my!

Opera house

The courthouse

The courthouse…the wood in here was

Another view of the courthouse dome…
it was
so beautiful!

An amazing historic oak!!!

If you zoom, you’ll see that a few branches
are so long and so heavy that they are
being held up by supports.

The Live Oak

The Live Oak

These guys were all over the campground

Mama-umbrella…keeping the
little one out of the sun…LOL
So sweet

About 6 times each month, on varied days,
there is an Opry Show…they were
great!  $7.00 for 3 hours of
fabulous music

Magic comes to Columbus

Is that little dude adorable?!

A freak infestation of Asian beetles…
not exactly Lady Bugs, but similar.
They started showing up this year in the area.
You can find them in swarms in window corners
and around light fixtures.

A pool hall…where I was able to perfect
my skills…LOL
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