So the following list is a highlighted version of the last 12 days here in MD:
1-my 2 daughters, their significant others, my grandson and I participated in the ALS ice challenge…Burrrr!
2-all kinds of technical issues with camera, cords and connections
3-Van-Go had to get plugged into my daughter’s house for 4 hours to recharge the cabin battery
4-Rachel and I spent 4+ hours in the ER at Harford Memorial Hospital due to the severe sharp shooting pains in my lower right side…turned out to be a doozy of a UTI…got antibiotics and I’m on the mend
5-missed my dentist appointment
6-missed the plan to take my son on the paddle boats for his 33rd birthday (Sept. 7)
7-grandson started 2nd grade…OMG!!!
8-created a second fairy garden and helped a friend make hers
9-completed the  “Inspiration-on-the-Go” quotes on both sides of Van-Go
10-repacked Van-Go (mostly)
11-went to my first Oriole baseball game in 7 years with Nicole and family…we had a blast
12-“sad face” … no pics this go round …tech issues nearly resolved, so hang tight
13-daughter-in-law, Megan turned 27 (Sept. 1)
14-I have a passport appointment on Friday to get a new pic and last name update so I can travel into Canada while I’m in Maine visiting my friend, Melanie next month

***Departure for September 24th still looking good…

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