Memory Lake

  Carl and I had been wanting to go kayaking while we were here.  We told Sherry about it and, of course, her sweet self  had a solution!  She and her husband have their own kayaks AND they live a block from a lake!  Soooo, she invited us to use them to go kayaking whenever we wanted to!  How’s THAT for good ole’ Alaska hospitality?!  I’m sure her picture is in the dictionary next to the definition!!!  At that point, we were in the midst of a serious ‘rainy season’…rain every day and night for 3 weeks…except for one beautiful day on which we went out onto the lake!  Yippee!
    I had only been kayaking once in my life with my dear friend Alysia up in PA a few years ago.  I didn’t appreciate her amazing teaching skills until I got in a kayak again and went right to it!!! Thanks, Alysia!!!   The water was calm and crystal clear.  There were lily pads exploding from deep beneath us.  The lake was shaped kind of like a figure 8 in that there were 2 sections joined by a narrow waterway.  Carl and I kayaked all around the periphery of the entire lake and ventured out into the middle a few times as well.  We played bumper kayaks…lol  We sorta raced a little.  Mostly we just glided around this beautiful lake.  A few children were playing in the water and on the pier near their home…we waved to each other!  One really awesome experience for me was when an enormous dragonfly landed on my right knee and just sat there for a good while.  I swear it looked up at me!  It was a wonderful afternoon!

Say hello to Carl!

It was so much fun weaving
around these ginormous
leaves…amazing how clear
the water was

Well, there I am…lol

I saw this guy on someone’s pier…wondered
if it was the one that sat with me in
the kayak earlier…hmmmm?!

Many people in AK that live on the water
have private float planes
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